Your Fisker Ocean Lock-In Date

Fisker Ocean One customers now see lock-in dates in their account as the company nears official start of production this November. Today, Fisker Ocean One customers woke up to good news. Some customers who pre-ordered their Fisker Ocean One received an email titled, “Ocean One Build Confirmation” with lock-in dates. Continue Reading

How to Make the Fisker Ocean Even Better

You’ve heard so many good things about the Fisker Ocean, now let’s take a look at some ways the company can make the electric SUV even better. As you know, we’ve talked all about the things we love about the Fisker Ocean including the SolarSky Roof, California Mode, and Revolve Continue Reading

Selecting Your Final Fisker Ocean One Configuration

Fisker will help remove the indecision out of selecting your final Fisker Ocean One configuration, but you will need to wait until October. Today, we are seeing a lot of people having a difficult time configuring their Fisker Ocean One. Indecision is a wide-spread issue across social media when it Continue Reading

Configuring Your Fisker Ocean One

Henrik confirms your Fisker Ocean One configuration options once you pre-order the electric SUV launch edition. Today, Henrik Fisker shared an image of his Fisker Ocean One. In the photo, you can see he chose Blue Planet, Sea Salt interior, and 22” F5 AirGlider wheels. This tells us a few Continue Reading

Fisker’s Signature Wheels Now Available on All Fisker Ocean Trims

Fisker revealed today that their signature 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels will be available on all Fisker Ocean trim models. Today, Fisker said their signature 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels will be available on all Fisker Ocean trims. This comes as news to us, because this signature wheel option was meant for Continue Reading