Is Your Fisker Ocean One Lock Date Coming Up?

There is something you’ll want to double check before your ability to edit your Fisker Ocean One build expires. Today, the next group of Fisker Ocean Ones are only days away from being locked. In fact, on Monday some customers will no longer be able to edit the build of Continue Reading

All-Things Fisker: Should Fisker Cut Prices, SolarSky Roof Shadow Solutions, EPA Ranges, & More

Join us for Episode 12 of All-Things Fisker as we discuss everything Fisker Ocean that dropped in the past week and what’s to come. Tonight, in Episode 12 of All-Things Fisker, we will discuss Fisker Ocean EPA ranges, our opinion on whether Fisker should follow in the steps of Tesla Continue Reading

A Look Inside Your Fisker Ocean One

Fisker gives us a quick overview of the Black Abyss Plus interior in our Fisker Ocean One and what makes the vegan leather unique. Today, Fisker sent us an email communication regarding the interior selection of our Fisker Ocean One. In an email, “A Look Inside Your Fisker Ocean One,” Continue Reading

Our Fisker Ocean One Build Is Locked

Fisker has locked our ability to edit our Fisker Ocean One build and has sent our specifications to its manufacturing partner. Today, we want to share with you an exciting update! Our Fisker Ocean One vehicle build has been locked and sent to Fisker’s manufacturing partner. We received an email Continue Reading

Our Final Fisker Ocean One Build

We’ve selected our Fisker Ocean One final build configuration and you won’t believe all of the options we selected. We couldn’t be any more excited about being able to lock in our Fisker Ocean One! We’ve been playing with the Fisker Ocean configurator a lot over the past week. If Continue Reading

Henrik Performs Final Quality Check and Shows Off Fisker Ocean Sea Salt Interior

We get a look at the Fisker Ocean Sea Salt interior as Henrik performs a final quality check on some electric SUVs ready to leave the Magna factory. Today, Henrik shared that some Fisker Ocean electric SUVs are ready to leave the Magna Steyr factory in Graz Austria. However, he Continue Reading

Henrik Shows Off Fisker Ocean Interior Option

Henrik Fisker shows off our favorite interior option you can choose when configuring your Fisker Ocean electric SUV. Today, Henrik was in Graz, Austria at the Magna Steyr manufacturing plant, which assembles the Fisker Ocean. He took a moment to share a photo across social media. In his post, Henrik Continue Reading

How to Make the Fisker Ocean Even Better

You’ve heard so many good things about the Fisker Ocean, now let’s take a look at some ways the company can make the electric SUV even better. As you know, we’ve talked all about the things we love about the Fisker Ocean including the SolarSky Roof, California Mode, and Revolve Continue Reading

Two-Tone Seats in Henrik’s Test Vehicle

First look at the interior of Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle, which has two-tone seats in both the front and rear that we’ve never seen before. Today, we saw photos of two-tone seats in Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle that we’ve never seen before. Photos appeared online this morning from the Brooklyn Continue Reading