How to Make the Fisker Ocean Even Better

You’ve heard so many good things about the Fisker Ocean, now let’s take a look at some ways the company can make the electric SUV even better. As you know, we’ve talked all about the things we love about the Fisker Ocean including the SolarSky Roof, California Mode, and Revolve Continue Reading

Two-Tone Seats in Henrik’s Test Vehicle

First look at the interior of Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle, which has two-tone seats in both the front and rear that we’ve never seen before. Today, we saw photos of two-tone seats in Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle that we’ve never seen before. Photos appeared online this morning from the Brooklyn Continue Reading

Fisker Ocean Rear Folding Seats, Paint Protection Film, & Car Alarm

We spotted three things about the Fisker Ocean you may have missed including details on rear folding seats, paint protection film, and car alarm. Today, we’re going to point out a few new things we noticed about the Fisker Ocean. We want to shed some light on Fisker Ocean rear Continue Reading

Configuring Your Fisker Ocean One

Henrik confirms your Fisker Ocean One configuration options once you pre-order the electric SUV launch edition. Today, Henrik Fisker shared an image of his Fisker Ocean One. In the photo, you can see he chose Blue Planet, Sea Salt interior, and 22” F5 AirGlider wheels. This tells us a few Continue Reading

Fisker Ocean Vegan Interior Close Up with Color Options

Getting up close and personal with the sustainable Fisker Ocean vegan interior. Today, we are going to take a look at the Fisker Ocean interior. The Fisker Ocean SUV is a spacious five-passenger electric vehicle. Its interior is fully sustainable and vegan. Fisker has used up-cycled materials in the Fisker Continue Reading

Your Fisker Ocean Will Come with Reclaimed Fishing Nets, Old T-Shirts, & Recycled Plastic Bottles

What do reclaimed fishing nets, old t-shirts, and renewed plastics have in common? They make up the high-grade sustainable fully vegan interior of the Fisker Ocean. The Fisker Ocean is the most world’s most sustainable electrical vehicle. Earth-friendly with ethically sourced and recycled materials throughout. The premium upholstery, carpets, and Continue Reading