Your Fisker Ocean and Cold Weather

Fisker Ocean battery and performance put to the test in freezing temperatures with the latest visit to Park City. Today, Fisker continues to share photos of the Fisker Ocean out in Park City, Utah. The frigid air surrounding the Wasatch Mountains in Park City is currently 16°F with a low Continue Reading

Fisker Ocean Production Begins

Fisker starts official production of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV at Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria as the company is now making sellable vehicles. Today, marks the official start of production of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV. If you’ve been following along, each week we’ve been counting down the days Continue Reading

5 Days Away, Test Drive, & Professional Photos of the Fisker Ocean

New professional photos of the Fisker Ocean from our trip to Graz, Austria to test drive the electric SUV. Today, we are less than a week away from the official start of production of the Fisker Ocean. November 17th is next week, just right around the corner. This week in Continue Reading

First Look: Our Fisker Ocean Test Drive

We had a chance to test drive a pre production Fisker Ocean and here is what we thought about the electric SUV. Today, we had a chance to get behind the wheel of a pre production Fisker Ocean electric SUV. Two words. It’s incredible. The Fisker Ocean test drive exceeded Continue Reading

Another Major Milestone, Fisker Ocean Lock Dates, Heat Testing, Paris Motor Show, & New Configurator

Tonight, on Episode 4 of All-Things Fisker, we’ll be discussing the latest out of Fisker and what to expect from the company this month. Tonight, join us on YouTube for a live stream on the latest developments out of Fisker. In Episode 4 of All-Things Fisker, at 6pm Pacific Time, Continue Reading

New Video: Testing the Fisker Ocean in Extreme Heat

Fisker puts the Fisker Ocean through extreme heat testing in some of the harshest conditions imaginable and in the hottest place on earth. Today, Fisker released Episode 3 in its Technology Inside Series. The episode is titled Extreme Heat Testing in Death Valley. In this video, we get an inside Continue Reading

Henrik Performs Safety Maneuvers in Fisker Ocean

Henrik test drives Fisker Ocean performing safety maneuvers to see how well the electric SUV handles around suddenly appearing objects. Today, Henrik Fisker shared a new video from his latest visit to Magna Steyr performing safety maneuvers. In the video, Henrik is driving a test vehicle on Magna Steyr’s on-site Continue Reading

74 Days Away, Your First EV, Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Locations, FI-Pilot, & New Henrik Interview

10 weeks until the official start of production, we saw a lot more testing, Henrik on Fox Business, and new pop-up locations next week. Today, we provide you a quick recap during Issue # 28 of This Week In Fisker. It was actually a quiet week in the world of Continue Reading

Excessive Heat, Winter, & Durability Testing Now Complete for Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean has now undergone some of the most extreme weather testing with the latest trip to Death Valley in 122° weather. Today, we’ve learned the Fisker Ocean has underdone excessive heat testing in Death Valley. The Fisker Ocean drove through the scorching desert in Eastern California yesterday. The electric Continue Reading

Close Look at Henrik Fisker’s Test Vehicle

Get an up close look at Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle in Blue Planet from the Brooklyn pop-up location at Domino Park this past weekend. Today, we wanted to bring you two videos of Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle from this past weekend in Brooklyn. First posted to the Fiskerati Forums, one Continue Reading