All-Things Fisker: Episode 14

Fisker Ocean updates and new polls about pop-up locations and the upcoming Q2 2022 earnings call in this episode of the All-Things Fisker Podcast. In Episode 14 of the All-Things Fisker Podcast we discuss the Fisker Ocean in London this weekend, updates out of Copenhagen, and the European Road Tour. Continue Reading

What Color Fisker Ocean Are You Getting?

Fisker keeps sharing new photos of the Fisker Ocean giving customers better examples of what paint colors actually look like. Today, Fisker shared new photos out of Magna Steyr from Graz, Austria in a post on social media. The company said, “Did you know that all seven colors available at Continue Reading

Who Will Buy a Fisker Ocean Before Visiting a Fisker Brand Experience Center

More than 50% of Fisker Ocean reservation holders will purchase their electric vehicle without visiting an experience center. According to a recent poll, not all Fisker Ocean reservation holders will need to visit a Fisker Experience Center to complete their electric vehicle purchase. We asked our Twitter followers a single Continue Reading