All-Things Fisker: Episode 21

This episode of the All-Things Fisker Podcast features the most recent updates, including discussions on Fisker Ocean homologation, the new Fisker investor presentation, and progress with Fisker Lounges.

All-Things Fisker: Episode 20

The latest news and what’s going on with the Ocean One waitlist, recent build locks, and ordering the Fisker Ocean Extreme all in Episode 20 of All-Things Fisker.

All-Things Fisker: Episode 19

In Episode 19 of the All-Things Fisker Podcast we share the latest news and thoughts on Fisker Ocean One orders, homologation, and other hot topics.

All-Things Fisker: Episode 18

We discuss the latest updates out of Fisker plus our thinking on production goals, homologation, delivery, price estimator, among other things in Episode 18 of All-Things Fisker

All-Things Fisker: Episode 17

In Episode 17 of the All-Things Fisker Podcast we discuss all of our key takeaways from Fisker’s recent earnings call and what to expect next.

All-Things Fisker: Episode 16

We discuss the latest on Fisker Ocean reservations, new sequence numbers, preview Fisker’s Q4 2022 earnings results, and more in Episode 16 of All-Things Fisker. In Episode 16 of the All-Things Fisker Podcast, we talk about the latest Fisker Ocean reservation numbers, new Ocean One sequence numbers, and provide a Continue Reading

All-Things Fisker: Clean Water, Fisker Ocean Stockholm, Accessories, Audio System Changes, & Much More

We’re 83 days since the start of production and we cover the latest with the Fisker Ocean electric SUV in Episode 15 of All-Things Fisker.

All-Things Fisker: Episode 14

Fisker Ocean updates and new polls about pop-up locations and the upcoming Q2 2022 earnings call in this episode of the All-Things Fisker Podcast. In Episode 14 of the All-Things Fisker Podcast we discuss the Fisker Ocean in London this weekend, updates out of Copenhagen, and the European Road Tour. Continue Reading

All-Things Fisker: Fisker Ocean Updates, Earnings Call Expectations, Pop-Up Locations, & More

This month will be filled with a lot of updates from Fisker as we are 76 days since the official start of Fisker Ocean production. Tonight, Episode 14 of All-Things Fisker will go live on YouTube at 6PM Pacific Time. While it’s been a slow week, surprisingly there is a Continue Reading