170 Fisker Oceans Manufactured To Date

Fisker builds 75 new Fisker Ocean electric SUVs on the high volume assembly line 22 days before the official start of production. Today, Henrik announced the company has made over 170 Fisker Oceans to date at the Magna Steyr CO2 neutral factory. He took to social media this afternoon to Continue Reading

95 Fisker Oceans Produced, Fisker Hits EV Production Milestones Ahead of Schedule

Fisker achieves EV production milestones with manufacturing partner Magna Steyr before the start of production on November 17th. Today, Fisker announced it has achieved EV production milestones ahead of schedule together with its partner Magna Steyr. 95 prototypes of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV have already rolled off Magna Steyr’s Continue Reading

Fisker Reaches Major Milestone

Fisker built its first Fisker Ocean on the high volume production line at Magna Steyr hitting a major milestone in company history. Today, Fisker did something that every automotive startup company hopes to achieve some day. The company built its very first Fisker Ocean on the high volume production line Continue Reading

Fisker Firms Up Ocean Pre-Orders for US Customers

Fisker auto updates accounts to reflect firm orders for US customers that pre-ordered the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. Today, Fisker auto updated accounts for US customers who pre-ordered an Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport since Sunday of last week. The company sent around an email today sharing the news. Continue Reading

Fisker Confirms US Allotment of Ocean Ultra and Sport Is Sold Out

Fisker exploring an increase to Fisker Ocean production in late 2023 as US allocation of Ocean Ultra and Sport is completely sold out. Today, Fisker confirmed they are indeed sold out of Ocean Ultra and Sport trims allocated for US customers in 2023. As we noted yesterday, the Ocean Extreme Continue Reading

Sold Out: Fisker Ocean Ultra & Sport for US Customers

Supplies were limited and now US reservation holders are no longer able to place pre-orders for the Fisker Ocean Ultra and Sport. Today, just moments ago, we learned Fisker sold out of the Ocean Ultra and Sport for US customers. Reservation holders in the US are no longer able to Continue Reading

How to Preorder Your Fisker Ocean Now

We show you how to reserve and pre-order your Fisker Ocean Sport to possibly qualify for the US $7,500 Federal EV tax credit. Today, we want to share with you our experience of reserving and pre-ordering our second Fisker Ocean all on the same day. You read that right. We Continue Reading

When You Can Pre-Order Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport

Fisker releases date it will open up pre-ordering for the hotly anticipated Ocean Extreme and provides timing for Ultra and Sport. Today, Fisker reaffirmed the date when they will open up pre-ordering for the Ocean Extreme. The company also provided timing for Ultra and Sport. Fisker first mentioned this on Continue Reading

Fisker Changes Ocean Sport Production Date

Fisker now displays production dates of all Fisker Ocean electric SUV trims and timing has changed for Fisker Ocean Sport. Today, we learned the customer experience to pre-order a Fisker Ocean One has slightly changed since we completed the process earlier this month. As a results, we now see a Continue Reading