Latest on the Inflation Reduction Act, Fisker Ocean, and Photos

We’re back tonight with a Live Stream on YouTube covering the latest on the Inflation Reduction Act and Fisker Ocean. Tonight, at 6:05pm Pacific time, we’re Live Streaming on YouTube to discuss a few things in the world of Fisker. We’re going to briefly discuss the latest on the Inflation Continue Reading

Fisker Implements Plan for $7,500 EV Tax Credit

Fisker enables new order system for qualifying US-based Fisker Ocean reservation holders to retain eligibility for the $7,500 Federal tax credit. Today, Fisker implemented its plan in advance of the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage. This new bill would eliminate the $7,500 EV tax credit for the Fisker Ocean. Fisker created Continue Reading

Fisker’s Plan for Newly Proposed EV Tax Credit Bill

Henrik Fisker and team are monitoring the situation and have a plan in the event the newly proposed Inflation Reduction Act becomes law. Today, we learned that Fisker has a plan in the event the newly proposed Inflation Reduction Act is passed. It was unveiled late Wednesday evening and makes Continue Reading

How the New EV Tax Credit Bill Could Impact Fisker

Fisker may stand to largely lose out under the proposed Inflation Reduction Act’s changes to the electric vehicle Federal tax credits. Today, you may have heard about the newly proposed Inflation Reduction Act. The new 725 page proposal, unveiled late Wednesday evening was a surprise announcement from Senator Joe Manchin Continue Reading