Fisker Ocean Is Coming to Paris

Fisker Ocean is headed to France next month for the Paris Motor Show as the company confirms a Fisker Lounge and Center+ to open next year. Today, Fisker officially confirmed the Fisker Ocean is coming to Paris, France for the 2022 Mondial de l’Auto in Paris. The Fisker Ocean continues Continue Reading

Top 10 Fisker Lounge Locations

Fisker originally planned 10 US locations for Fisker Experience Centers and we take a look at where the next Fisker Lounges might pop up. Today, we’re having a look at where Fisker originally planned to build Experience Centers in the United States. You can think of a Fisker Lounge as Continue Reading

Fiskerati Live: New Fisker Updates

Join us tonight for Fiskerati Live with OSR Garage to discuss new Fisker updates including Magna, paint colors, Fisker Lounges, and more. Tonight, at 6pm Pacific Time we’re hosting Fiskerati Live on YouTube. On the show tonight, we will be joined by Jim from OSR Garage to discuss new Fisker Continue Reading

Fisker Lounges Opening Fall 2022

Fisker Lounges are where you will get to learn all about and experience the Fisker Ocean for the very first time including test drives. Today, Fisker updated its investor presentation to introduce Fisker Lounges. Previously, Fisker talked about these as Brand Experience Centers. The Fisker Lounge will be where you Continue Reading

New Details of Fisker Experience Center in Munich

Early this morning, one of our readers sent us photos of the Fisker Experience Center in Munich, which is currently under construction. Today, we received photos and the exact location from one of our readers for the upcoming Fisker Experience Center in Munich. This location in Germany will be open Continue Reading

This Week In Fisker: The Grove, Test Drives, Contacting First Customers, & Much More

Hot off the presses, This Week In Fisker includes new details about Experience Centers, test drives, and when your Fisker Ocean will ship. This Week In Fisker was a mixture of peaks and valleys. Last night, Henrik dropped news that Experience Centers will open worldwide in November. At the Los Continue Reading

Fisker Experience Centers to Open Worldwide in November 2022

Henrik confirms this evening that Fisker will open Fisker Brand Experience Centers worldwide in November 2022. Tonight, Henrik Fisker revealed that Fisker Experience Centers will be opening worldwide beginning in November of this year. The first Experience Center will be located in Los Angeles, CA at The Grove. Originally planned Continue Reading

Find Your Nearest Fisker Brand Experience Center

Fisker Brand Experience Centers are the signature showroom for the Fisker Ocean to meet Fisker experts and purchase your electric vehicle. The Fisker Brand Experience Center is the signature showroom of the Fisker Ocean to interact with the Fisker brand. At a location nearby, you can get all of your Continue Reading

Who Will Buy a Fisker Ocean Before Visiting a Fisker Brand Experience Center

More than 50% of Fisker Ocean reservation holders will purchase their electric vehicle without visiting an experience center. According to a recent poll, not all Fisker Ocean reservation holders will need to visit a Fisker Experience Center to complete their electric vehicle purchase. We asked our Twitter followers a single Continue Reading

Fisker Brand Experience Centers, Designed to Create an Emotional Connection

The Fisker Brand Experience Center will be designed to make you want to buy your first electric vehicle. At the forefront of the company’s strategy sits design. Design has been a part of everything the Fisker brand touches. Examples are plentiful within the company’s digital and physical products. You can Continue Reading