All-Things Fisker: Episode 34

We try to make sense of all the activity at Fisker, and there is a lot happening for us to discuss in the latest Episode of the All-Things Fisker Podcast.

Fisker Ocean Deliveries, Opening of New Fisker Center+, More Experience Centers Coming Soon

Full speed in Norway as new Fisker Center+ opens, with more customer experience centers on the way, and customers take delivery of their Fisker Oceans.

Canada! Fisker Ocean Homologation, Deliveries Set for September

Fisker provides updates on Fisker Ocean homologation, deliveries, experience centers, service locations, and test drives for Canadian customers.

All Aboard the Fisker Ocean Train, Flagship Fisker Lounge Set to Open in Los Angeles

Fisker Oceans loaded on rail transport ahead of customer deliveries as Fisker prepares to open their flagship Fisker Lounge in Los Angeles tomorrow morning.

Henrik Fisker, “Things are about to change!”

Over the weekend, Henrik Fisker shared a lot of new information that largely went under the radar as Fisker Ocean test drives kick off today in Manhattan Beach.

Highlights from Fisker’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

We have all the highlights for you from Fisker’s third annual meeting of shareholders where Fisker shared numerous updates, including the latest on customer deliveries, plans to enter the Chinese market, and details about revealing prototypes of its EV lineup later this year.

Diving Into Henrik Fisker’s Cryptic Post, Shareholder Concerns, Road Trips, and More!

Tune in to Episode 27 of All-Things Fisker as we discuss new developments, cryptic posts, and exciting updates.