Is Your Fisker Ocean One Lock Date Coming Up?

There is something you’ll want to double check before your ability to edit your Fisker Ocean One build expires. Today, the next group of Fisker Ocean Ones are only days away from being locked. In fact, on Monday some customers will no longer be able to edit the build of Continue Reading

Our Fisker Ocean One Build Is Locked

Fisker has locked our ability to edit our Fisker Ocean One build and has sent our specifications to its manufacturing partner. Today, we want to share with you an exciting update! Our Fisker Ocean One vehicle build has been locked and sent to Fisker’s manufacturing partner. We received an email Continue Reading

Our Final Fisker Ocean One Build

We’ve selected our Fisker Ocean One final build configuration and you won’t believe all of the options we selected. We couldn’t be any more excited about being able to lock in our Fisker Ocean One! We’ve been playing with the Fisker Ocean configurator a lot over the past week. If Continue Reading

Start of Production On Time, Assembly Line Moving Quickly, Fisker Ocean Configurator, & Pop-Up Locations

Fisker is on time for start of production of the Fisker Ocean while Henrik shares a video of the electric SUV moving down the assembly line. Today, Henrik confirmed to us the Fisker Ocean is on time for official start of production on November 17th. That is only 27 calendar Continue Reading

Another Major Milestone, Fisker Ocean Lock Dates, Heat Testing, Paris Motor Show, & New Configurator

Tonight, on Episode 4 of All-Things Fisker, we’ll be discussing the latest out of Fisker and what to expect from the company this month. Tonight, join us on YouTube for a live stream on the latest developments out of Fisker. In Episode 4 of All-Things Fisker, at 6pm Pacific Time, Continue Reading

Fisker Extends Final Build Lock Dates

Fisker Ocean One customers may find their final build lock date has changed the next time they sign in to their Fisker account. Today, Fisker confirmed they have extended the final build lock dates for some Fisker Ocean One customers. The change was first discovered when we signed in to Continue Reading

Your Fisker Ocean Lock-In Date

Fisker Ocean One customers now see lock-in dates in their account as the company nears official start of production this November. Today, Fisker Ocean One customers woke up to good news. Some customers who pre-ordered their Fisker Ocean One received an email titled, “Ocean One Build Confirmation” with lock-in dates. Continue Reading

Selecting Your Final Fisker Ocean One Configuration

Fisker will help remove the indecision out of selecting your final Fisker Ocean One configuration, but you will need to wait until October. Today, we are seeing a lot of people having a difficult time configuring their Fisker Ocean One. Indecision is a wide-spread issue across social media when it Continue Reading