Fisker Flexee App Metrics, Sharp Rise in Downloads (Week 9)

Fisker Flexee App downloads rise sharply on Google Play and modestly on Apple App Store, reviews are non-existent, EV reservations likely up big since last week. The Fisker Flexee app saw massive adoption post Mobile World Congress. The company received a lot of fanfare with its European reveal. Downloads spiked Continue Reading

On the Rise, Fisker Flexee App Downloads for Android and iOS #Week7

Fisker Flexee App downloads accelerate on Google Play, compared to Apple App Store. Many investors seem to think the Fisker team hasn’t done a good job with its marketing efforts. Well, we beg to differ, especially when looking at the numbers. Fisker Flexee app downloads is a good metric to Continue Reading

Fisker Flexee App Rankings for Android and iOS #Week7

Fisker has three places where customers can reserve the Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR, which includes its website, iOS app, and Android app. In August 2021, the iOS app had 304 reviews in the Apple Appstore and the Android app had 196 reviews in the Google Play Store. As of Continue Reading