Henrik Fisker Thanks Shareholders

Fisker shareholders get a bit of optimism from Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO of Fisker Inc, as we close out the year and head into 2023.

Fisker Ocean One.

Today, Henrik Fisker took to social media to thank shareholders for their patience and support in what has been a turbulent year for supply chain issues and Fisker’s stock price. It has been a rough year for Fisker shareholders and the EV sector a whole. Fisker’s stock price is down roughly 55% on the year compared to the NASDAQ Composite which is lower by nearly 33%. Not one EV stock was immune to the massive drawdown.

The entire EV sector got decimated this year. However, Fisker shares outperformed its peers. As of today, Tesla is down nearly 65% and both Rivian and Lucid are down close to 82% in 2022. Almost every EV company has a share price trading near an all-time low with the exception of Tesla.

Henrik’s message to Fisker shareholders doesn’t take the sting out of this year’s stock price decline. However, Henrik does give Fisker shareholders a bit of optimism as we close out the year and head into 2023. We’re super excited for 2023, especially because look forward to taking delivery of our Fisker Ocean One!

While we previously selected our final build configuration, we just changed up our exterior color once again. (We really need to quit playing with the Fisker Ocean configurator.) We look forward to revealing our change with you in 2023. Until then, enjoy Henrik’s message below and have a safe and Happy New Year from our family to yours!

In Henrik’s Words…

“This has been a turbulent year! Supply chain issues & stock price. We have not been immune to the downturn in the EV stocks, despite the fact that we have achieved most of our milestones. Our deposits r not $100, we have booked 1000’s of $5k non refundable deposits. I know we are ending the year on a tough note, with a share price far from where it should be! On a super positive note; We are just a short time away from starting deliveries in both US & EU, something that’s uncommon for any start-up, this means we have a giant addressable market from the get go! I just got aware that our Ocean might qualify for the US $7500 IRA tax rebate if leased through our Flexee lease, we are still looking into if this is correct! We are a disruptive company, not just with the worlds most sustainable car, but with our business model & we are working on some exciting things, that I think will catapult Fisker into the fastest growing EV start up in 2023. ?? for ur patience & support.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

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3 thoughts on “Henrik Fisker Thanks Shareholders

  1. I’m confused, Henrique says we have “1000s” deposits at $5000.
    I though the 5,000 Ocean Ones were sold out with deposits ($5,000) like my $5K deposit.
    Clarification would be nice ( or disappointing). I’m a shareholder and have reservations for: Ocean One; Ultra and PEAR.
    Irv in Va.

    1. Thanks for the comment Irv. As far as we know, yes, it is 5,000 deposits at $5,000 (respective of currency) for the Fisker Ocean One. Same, our family has reservations for Ocean One, Sport, and PEAR. Have a Happy New Year!

      1. Sean
        Thanks for your reply and your understanding about Ocean One deposits.
        I have entered comments before and get asked to provide my website or create one. I don’t have a website and prefer not to have one. Is a website required to participate in Forums??

        Any intel on any East Coast (mid-Atlantic) events?? I had hoped the Florida visits would have continued north. Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington,DC areas on up to Boston should generate significant interest. I live near Washington, DC and have a beach house in North Carolina.
        I was invited to the NYSE event but couldn’t make it there.
        Thanks, Happy New Year ?, we will get our ? Oceans in ‘23!

What are your thoughts?