Fisker’s Q3 2023 Earnings Results Get a New Date and Time!

Fisker changes timing of release for Q3 2023 results and conference call to Monday, November 13th after the market close.

Today, Fisker shook things up a bit by adjusting the schedule for the big reveal of its earnings results for the third quarter of 2023. The company now plans to unveil Q3 2023 earnings after the market closes on Monday, November 13th, 2023. This will be accompanied by a conference call at 2:00 PM Pacific Time (5:00 PM Eastern Time).

The appointment of a new chief accounting officer, effective November 6, 2023, and the departure of the former chief accounting officer, effective October 27th, 2023, have caused a delay in finalizing the financial statements and associated disclosures. To address this, Fisker will submit a Form 12b-25 notification and anticipates filing its Form 10-Q by November 14th, 2023.

As a result, we’re going to have to wait a bit longer to listen live to Fisker’s Q3 2023 earnings call! Once it concludes, we’ll dive into a discussion about the quarterly results and share our notes and key takeaways from the conference call. You can join us by following the live stream on YouTube (below). Don’t forget to hit the ‘Notify Me’ button to receive an alert for this streaming event on YouTube. We’re excited to tune in to the call with you!

YouTube Live Stream: Fisker’s Q3 2023 Earnings Call

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14 thoughts on “Fisker’s Q3 2023 Earnings Results Get a New Date and Time!

  1. Yeah, this is a very poor showing by Fisker. Doesn’t inspire confidence at any level.
    Hopefully there isn’t awful news that will come out of this.

  2. KSunday. I think you have good reason to be upset. And Sean, I would suspect, understands the frustration about such a move in the wee hours of the morning today. It has only added fuel to the fire of the shorts. Dear God, don’t let those calling the Fiskers untrustworthy and akin to snake oil salespeople be proven right. And please don’t let Sean be part of the deception. I have had a significant admiration for Sean (and even the Fiskers). This post is probably hard for Sean to read (and post). Something good for Ocean owners/buyers and Fisker shareowners needs to come of this news today. If not, shame on all involved in Fisker, version 2.0. Hoping for good (no, great!) things to come.
    🌊🍐🏔️ Ronin

  3. Sean , I respect you for providing info. But come on man. Even here you somehow turn it into something positive , or something to be exited about ? I like the company too. But it would go a long ways if you could be a bit more objective about things. We all know you have stock , I have it too. But please bro , stop turning every single development into somehow a good thing or something to be exited for. This is NOT it.

  4. Not a good sign. When the chief accounting “resigned “, it should have been immediately disclosed if there are any issues of disagreement. Before the new officer signs his name to someone else’s financial representatives he must get totally comfortable with the accounting as he legally is responsible .

    1. It was disclosed, from the 8-K dated 09/22/2023, “On September 19, 2023, John C. Finnucan IV, the chief accounting officer of Fisker Inc. (the “Company”), provided notice of his intent to resign from the Company to become the chief financial officer of a private company that is focused on refueling solutions. Mr. Finnucan’s departure is not related to the operations, policies, or practices of the Company, or any issues regarding accounting policies or practices. The Company has commenced searching for candidates to replace Mr. Finnucan. To help facilitate an orderly transition to the next chief accounting officer of the Company, Mr. Finnucan will remain an employee of the Company through at least October 27, 2023.”

      1. It is by any standard disappointing that this can lead to postponing a result release. Where is the CFO in this?

        Further down there is a comments on Fisker being a start up. Yes and so what. Henrik and team are experienced people but they have for sure not lived up to their responsabilities here.

        Very frustrating and dissapointing as a shareholder in the company. I hope there will be consequences.

  5. Please remember this is a “startup” company with that comes growing pains. I don’t think Henrik and Sean are proud of what’s happening at this moment, but better things are to come. Folks should be disappointed if this was a legacy company or one that has been around for decades.
    Tesla, LUCID, Rivian all had growing pains too and they’re much better off now than they were when they started.

    As much as it would be exciting to see the Ronin, Force E and even the Alaska come to fruition it is more important that the company switch gears and offer a more ‘realistic’ offering. Fisker needs to get their Foxconn partnership established and build baby build. A less expensive more volume model like the PEAR will help the company with sales and open up the less expensive EV segment where it will change the likes the Chevy Equinox EV, KIA EV3, etc. The longer they wait the more folks will buy the competition.

    1. Fully agree, the Ronin etc are just a distraction from the core. Built the ocean, and have the lead as an entry point to the brand.
      The more vehicles on the road, the more visible the Fisker brand, the more folks know and recognise it, a virtuous positive feedback loop

  6. Let’s hope they’re making these changes, Gerad. The new accountant’s aim is for more profitability. Prior to this they may have overspent having a model built in Austria which I am sure is expensive. Perhaps the new tech guy is figuring out a way to get the PEAR on the road much sooner, just a guess. We’ll have to wait a week to find out what changes are ahead.

What are your thoughts?