Fisker’s Q3 2023 Earnings Preview: Navigating Estimates, Deliveries, and EV Programs

We take a comprehensive look at analyst estimates, deliveries, and the roadmap ahead for Fisker as it gears up to report Q3 2023 quarterly results.

Rain-kissed hood of the Fisker Ocean, with a Silver Lining exterior, mirrors the reflection of trees.
Rain-kissed hood of the Fisker Ocean, with a Silver Lining exterior, mirrors the reflection of trees.

Today, Fisker management must be preparing for the release of its Q3 2023 quarterly results tomorrow morning before the market opens. In preparation, we wanted to give our readers a preview of what we expect to see tomorrow when we live stream and discuss key takeaways after the conference call wraps up. This article will take a look at earnings and revenue expectations and discuss topics we believe the company will address in its business highlights and prepared remarks during the Q3 2023 conference call. Only time will tell if we were right.

Earnings and Revenue Expectations

As of right now, seven analysts covering Fisker have published earnings estimates, and four analysts have released revenue estimates for Fisker’s Q3 2023 earnings. The average earnings estimate is $-0.18 per share, with a high estimate at $-0.08 and a low estimate at $-0.27 per share. One year ago, Fisker had a loss of $-0.49. All analysts are expecting earnings to improve now that Fisker will be reporting meaningful revenue. The whisper number shows Fisker’s loss coming in at $-0.25 for the past quarter.

Revenue Projections

The average revenue estimate among analysts comes in at $109.03 million, $53.14 million on the low end, and $217 million on the high end. The average revenue estimate pegs Fisker at selling around 1,580 Fisker Oceans during Q3 2023. One year ago, Fisker had insignificant revenue. This will be the first quarter where the company reports a significant increase in revenue.

Projections: Vehicle Deliveries

If you’ve been following along, we know…

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15 thoughts on “Fisker’s Q3 2023 Earnings Preview: Navigating Estimates, Deliveries, and EV Programs

  1. My thoughts are where is my call back , i have beem waiting for approx 30 plus days
    Reguarding the spec,d for my ultra ocean ordered in sept 2020 nothing back from Fisker!!

      1. Sean, I did call this number based on your prior recommendation to find out what the status was of my delivery. I did speak with someone and all they could do is say they would call my Vehicle Administrator. I told the individual that I have been emailing my Administrator for 3 weeks with no response. She said I will let her know that and have her call you. Unfortunately I have received no call back or email from my administrator. Earnings delay gives me even more concern.

        1. Bob, sorry to hear this. I’m in a similar situation. I get the feeling there are many more like us and voices need to be heard. I called 1-844-FISKER1 and was told they were putting in a case number and that someone would get back to me within 3-4 days. A week and a half later, I haven’t heard anything. As I’m sure you know trying their chat, sending emails or filling out the contact section also goes nowhere.

          My Vehicle Admin went MIA weeks before I could ever schedule a delivery date for my Ocean One. Being that I travel frequently I needed to lock in dates around my schedule. I was actually willing to wait for them to work out any kinks before receiving my vehicle, and mentioned as much in a chat back in the days when someone was actually responding to them. Instead, they worked it around their schedule and dumped it in my driveway without me being able to approve, inspect and store it. The driver sent a few photos which felt like an “F-U you’re stuck with it now.” It also didn’t come with any of the accessories that I ordered. And I’ve seen YouTube videos showing the tow package on other people’s vehicles so it’s not like they didn’t have those available. So I’m scratching my head wondering what the heck is happening there.

          I want to see Fisker succeed. But I agree, this earnings delay makes the fishiness even fishier.

          Owning a One makes me feel like I’m being treated like number two (if you know what I mean).

          1. Mark, Thanks for the reply, at least I know it’s not just me experiencing this lack of communication and transparency. What worries me most is that my Ocean One does not even show up in my account on the App or website anymore, like it’s gone or missing. Of course they already have full payment of the vehicle and my temporary tags will most likely expire before I even get the vehicle, assuming I ever get it. And for those who say I am just a Fisker hater that is far from the truth, but I have every right to be upset when someone takes $75K of my money and doesn’t deliver my vehicle and totally ignores emails and calls.

        2. Hi Bob, Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear you were unsuccessful. Let’s see if we can get you some help. We’ll reach out to our contact at Fisker. Stand by. Please keep us posted.

  2. Sean, on Aug 14th you reported on Fisker hoping to deliver all 5,000 Ocean ones by end of September. If the actual number is not much over 1,000, that’s yet another communications failure. I’d like to see one forecast actually fulfilled.
    I test drove a vehicle last week. Was told I might receive my ultra sometime mid summer. When I reach the two year anniversary from my reservation, coming up in February,
    i’m pulling the plug if I’m not tempted by something before then. Hoping for an update tomorrow, but if there is one, will I believe it?

    1. Hello Simon, usually, we share information based on available information and our current understanding. However, it’s important to note that facts can evolve, and so can the future.

  3. I cannot believe they’ve delayed this at the last minute. It stinks. I’ve lost a lot of money here (on paper) and I’m sick of it.

  4. It will be interesting to see how Sean (and Henrik) address this situation. As one who emphasizes the importance of trust, this, at least on the surface, does little to instill it. There best be a very good, and even positive, reason for such a delay.

  5. KSunday. Well, I will say today only served to embolden the shorts (not what Sean and others expected from Team Fisker). Mr. Fisker and his wife (the Chief Financial Officer for crying out loud, not an accounting officer) better come out swinging after a last-second move like this. If not, sadly, those calling the Fiskers nothing more than snake oil salespeople will be proven right, I’m afraid to say.

  6. Fisker should ditch the Ronin and Force E and maybe the Alaska and bring the PEAR to production. They also need someone from BMW to come on board with years of experience perhaps as CEO. HF should just be designer and board of directors.

    Team Fisker also needs to step it up more from all the negatives I’ve heard.

    Othwise I will go with another make which I really don’t want to do.

  7. I could imagine there is limited demand but I’m surprised to hear actual customers being completely ignored. That seems like a very bad combination. How is that even possible.

What are your thoughts?