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Welcome to Fiskerati Forums, the online community for Fisker enthusiasts! Our forums are designed to connect you with fellow Fisker owners and fans, and provide a platform for discussing Fisker news, rumors, and reviews.

We encourage you to contribute authentic content and engage in healthy discussions about Fisker-related topics such as the company, Fisker Ocean, PEAR, and RŌNIN. Whether you have questions, insights, or opinions to share, we value your input.

We believe that open and respectful discussions foster a positive and engaging community. Let’s work together to make Fiskerati Forums a valuable platform for connecting with fellow Fisker enthusiasts and promoting healthy discussions about all things Fisker.

To ensure a friendly and inclusive environment for all members, we have established a set of Forum Rules. Please review and follow these rules to help create a positive and welcoming community:

Forum Rules: Promote Positivity, Respectful Language, Constructive Disagreements, Accurate Information, and Stay Focused

  • Promote Positivity: We strive to maintain a positive and inclusive environment in the forum. Please refrain from insults, harassment, bullying, or any form of discrimination towards others. Let’s respect the diversity of opinions and perspectives, even if we disagree with them.
  • Use Appropriate Language: Choose language that is respectful, non-offensive, and free from vulgar or obscene words. Be mindful of cultural sensitivities and refrain from making discriminatory or inflammatory remarks in your posts and comments.
  • Respectful Disagreements: Critique ideas and arguments, rather than attacking individuals. Personal attacks and threats are not tolerated in the forum. Let’s address disagreements in a civil and constructive manner, respecting each other’s opinions and beliefs.
  • Share Accurate Information: It’s important to post reliable and accurate information on the forum. Avoid sharing misleading or false information, whether intentional or unintentional. Let’s strive to keep the forum a trusted source of information.
  • Stay Focused: Keep discussions relevant to the forum’s purpose and topic. Avoid off-topic discussions, spamming, or excessive self-promotion. Let’s maintain a focused and meaningful discussion that benefits all members and adds value to the forum.

Rule Violations

Failure to abide by the Forum Rules may result in the deletion of inappropriate messages or permanent suspension of your Fiskerati Forums account. If you observe any violations of the forum rules or encounter behavior that makes you uncomfortable, please report it promptly by using the “Report” button provided at the top of every post. Your cooperation in maintaining a positive and respectful forum environment is greatly appreciated.

Avoid Spamming and Self-Promotion

We do not tolerate spamming or self-promotion. This includes any repeated, unwanted, or unsolicited actions, whether automated or manual, that harm or negatively impact members, forums, and/or Fiskerati Forums itself. Let’s keep the forum focused and beneficial for all members by refraining from engaging in spamming or self-promotion activities.

The following behaviors are strictly prohibited:

  • Posting irrelevant or off-topic content repeatedly or excessively.
  • Engaging in self-promotion, advertising, or solicitation without appropriate authorization.
  • Sending unsolicited private messages, emails, or any other form of communication to members for promotional or commercial purposes.
  • Posting repetitive or duplicate content, including multiple threads or posts with identical or similar content.
  • Using automated bots or scripts to post, send messages, or perform any other activities that disrupt the normal functioning of the forum.
  • Posting malicious links, viruses, or other harmful content that can cause damage to the forum or its members.
  • Engaging in any other activities that are considered spam by the forum administrators or moderators.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards spam, as it undermines the quality and integrity of the forum. Violators may face warnings, temporary or permanent bans, and removal of their spam content. Let’s work together to maintain a spam-free environment that fosters meaningful discussions and respects the community of Fiskerati Forums.

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