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Let’s review the Fisker monthly stock chart after seeing shares trade as low as $8.04 and as high as $11.59 in the month of May.

Let’s review the Fisker ($FSR) monthly stock chart. In the chart, we can see the month of May was bad for Fisker shares.

Since Fisker went public, we printed the lowest ever price of $8.04. Fortunately, shares in Fisker bounced back all the way to $11.59. The stock closed yesterday at $10.38 with a green ending candle for the Month. This green candle is between a Doji formation and a bullish Hammer.

We have touched the demand zones 8 times since October 21. Those are the green arrows at the bottom of the chart below. Something else that is interested, shares in Fisker have hit the demand zone 8 months since trading. That is 8 out of 21 months to the present date.

History also shows that after each bounce from the demand zone we moved from as low as 15% and as high as 160% the next month. Most of the other months we moved on average of 40%. If history repeat itself again this month, and we respect the demand zone, we can see a move as high as $14.50 by July 2022.

A weekly close above the $11.25 zone, and also respecting the $9.60 zone, would require the Bulls to push the price up again. Bulls need to be ready again this month loading shares with cash investment at the demand zone.

Fisker Monthly Stock Chart

Daily Stock Closing Prices for Fisker Shares

Below is a list of daily closing prices for Fisker shares throughout the month of May 2022.

DateOpenHighLowCloseAdj. CloseVolume
May 31, 202211.0011.0410.3310.3810.385,154,200
May 27, 202210.6510.8210.4910.7510.755,102,800
May 26, 20229.7410.479.5910.3210.327,873,900
May 25, 20229.479.829.309.809.807,649,400
May 24, 20229.9410.028.969.619.6114,985,400
May 23, 202211.0211.1410.6811.0211.025,138,600
May 20, 202211.4911.5910.6511.0711.075,783,900
May 19, 202211.0911.5010.8111.4011.407,362,200
May 18, 202210.3611.4810.3111.1411.148,929,400
May 17, 202210.0510.639.9210.6110.615,324,500
May 16, 20229.9710.319.619.719.715,724,000
May 13, 20229.5810.189.509.859.859,016,200
May 12, 20228.279.558.259.339.3311,937,900
May 11, 20229.249.448.048.298.2912,390,600
May 10, 20229.699.848.769.319.3111,969,800
May 09, 20229.729.829.279.479.4713,293,700
May 06, 202210.1110.779.6110.0210.029,417,800
May 05, 202210.2311.069.729.909.9012,081,900
May 04, 202210.1210.639.6710.5410.5411,059,000
May 03, 202210.2510.4610.0010.1510.154,573,700
May 02, 202210.1010.319.7010.2910.297,484,500
Monthly Closing Prices for Fisker shares
This guest blog post is written by @khaled_kayuae. He is a professional investor, swing trader, and chartist with a long position in Fisker ($FSR) shares. 

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