Fisker Gets Shoutout on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money

Jim Cramer gives a nod to Fisker when talking about how EV companies are bringing actual cars to market.

Today, Fisker received a positive shoutout on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money television program on CNBC. On this episode of Mad Money, the host was explaining why he’s not playing the recession prediction parlor game. Cramer gave his take on why Wall Street needs to dial back its recession talk. He goes on to talk about how prices of many goods are going down, but everyone is still so negative.

At the 4 minute 12 second mark, Cramer begins talking about the bears and how negative everyone thinks the Federal Reserve needs to be next week. Then, he talks about the auto sector briefly and brought up how EV companies are actually bringing cars to market. That’s when Fisker gets mentioned. It appears Wall Street is beginning to take notice.

In Jim Cramer’s words…

“They believe the Fed has to run us over, throw the car in reverse and then run us over again. Hey, speaking of running people over, you see the Autos. Not that long ago the electric vehicle companies raised massive amounts of money. Get this, now some of those, the EV kinds, are starting to turn into real cars, real functioning companies with assembly lines that are produce things. While most of them had horrendous problems going to market, we have Fiskers, Lucids and Rivians galore at this point next year. You’d better believe the price of EVs is coming down, maybe way down.”

Jim Cramer, Mad Money on CNBC

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