Fisker Brews Outrage with Starbucks Social Media Post

Fisker posts about Starbucks on social media and brews up anger from some of its retail shareholders as the stock hits another all-time low.

Fisker's tweet that angered some of its retail investors
Fisker’s tweet that angered some of its retail investors.

Today, Fisker posted a message on social media which sparked outrage among some Fisker retail shareholders and Fisker Ocean reservation holders. The post said, “On our way to Starbucks at 9:17 when our first meeting started at 9 #Mondays ☕☀️?”. It included a photo of the Fisker Ocean kicking dust up as it races through the desert. The post was deleted on Twitter and edited on other social media sites shortly after it was published. This was after Fisker received a bunch of angry replies.

Fisker’s share price at all-time lows and social media posts like this appear to have struck a nerve with some of its followers (i.e., shareholders, reservation holders). They argue, instead of posting about a trip to Starbucks, post something that will help Fisker’s share price or that is useful. For example, one retail investor said, “Tell us (investors) something more than just taking a coffee please.” Another said, “Remove this post it’s embarrassing! How about talk about how you are different from Rivian!” And one reservation holder even requested answers to the Fisker Ocean Big List of Questions.

Fisker shares at all-time lows

If you’re not aware, Fisker shares hit another all-time low again today. The stock closed down 5.56% finishing the day at $6.96/share. The company’s share price continues to follow the market trend as do shares of other automotive companies. For example, Rivian and Lucid shares were each down a greater percentage than Fisker’s stock in today’s trading. This is while the Nasdaq Composite fell by 1.03% with the other averages moderately down.

Not everyone was upset

One thing is for certain, with start of production now 38 days away, Fisker doesn’t need any distractions right now. However, it’s worth noting that not everyone was outraged or frustrated by this social media post. For instance, some felt it was fun, playful, and light hearted. In fact, nearly 500 followers on Instagram liked the post before Fisker edited it to read, “On our way to ☕️ #Mondays…” While this post caught our eye, primarily because we’re Starbucks investors and customers, it didn’t bother us. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Fisker Brews Outrage with Starbucks Social Media Post

  1. Need some useful info very soon. Why don’t Fisker respond more actively on the big list of questions? After all, we reservation holders are an should be regarded the company’s most important target group.

  2. Can’t wait till the Fisker cars are in the hands of consumers and on the road. There wont be much more real world than that. Excellent design, manufacturing and price is a great recipe for success. Nearly due a coffee here myself in Limerick, Ireland. Must buy a few more Fisker shares at this price.

  3. As a soon to be Ocean One owner. Im not sure what the problem is. I personally like to take trips to Starbucks.

  4. Fisker should do more than to present the visit at Starbucks! Technical details, test results ……. I‘m sure this will also help to increase the 6,90€ share price!

  5. Whereas I would have preferred if he had said Dutch Bros or maybe Cafe D’ Arte, I am perfectly good with the post. Hell, I rarely am in my car without a cup of Joe.. Can’t wait to down my first Americano with the roof open in California Mode in my Ocean One! Full disclosure: Fisker and Starbucks stockholder…

  6. Don’t see the problem, I like a little “playtime”, iam a 2 reservation holder and a stockholder….lighten up folks, shares will rise, the negativity posted by these people only hurts it….

What are your thoughts?