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An update on Fiskerati including what’s going on from our side and all the ways you can get involved as a member of the Fiskerati community.

More than 375,000 people have visited Fiskerati since it launched in February 2022.

Today, we want to provide members of the Fiskerati community an update since our article last month. For starters, we want to thank you, as a member of our community, for reading and commenting on our articles.

We appreciate you and everyone else for following along as we continue this journey together. It really is a pleasure getting to write articles about a company whose products we believe in.

If you aren’t familiar with Fiskerati, we are an independent news site. We cover Fisker exclusively and aspire to be the leading source of Fisker news. We started Fiskerati as a hobby earlier this year. It all began nearly seven months ago while on a break from Corporate America. It helps us stay busy in between family time. As a result, we’ve published 421 articles to date. That means we’ve written about two articles per day over the past 209 days.

Furthermore, Fiskerati continues to grow by leaps and bounds month over month. In just under seven months, more than 375,000 people have visited the site. That’s nearly the total number of Fisker reservation holders and shareholders combined! Last month alone, nearly 135,000 people visited Fiskerati about 2.75 times during the month. The growth has been staggering! Now, let’s take a look at the latest for what else we have going on for members of the Fiskerati community.

Fiskerati Apps

The Fiskerati apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play have been downloaded more than 5,000 times combined in the past 3 months. The Fiskerati iOS app currently sits at #111 in the Magazines & Newspapers category on the Apple App Store. It’s still early days for us with the mobile apps. We have to balance our time between app development and writing articles. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but writing comes first! Make sure to download the app if you haven’t already done so. Also, you can show your love by leaving a review on the app store.

YouTube, Social Media, & Newsletter

The Fiskerati YouTube channel has grown nearly 25% over the last month. Our YouTube channel now has 2,300 subscribers with over 300,000 views and 13,000 watch hours. It’s mind blowing to think that this many people have watched our content. And most videos are pretty fun to make like our latest video! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest Fisker news and commentary.

You may have guessed, YouTube is our #1 social media channel ahead of Twitter, which is at 1,570 followers. Our next most popular social media channels are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Stocktwits in that order. The Fiskerati Newsletter nearly has more subscribers than the latter social media channels. You can subscribe to our newsletter for This Week In Fisker, which we typically send each week.

Fiskerati Forums

Another thing we are pretty excited about is Fiskerati Forums. There are now over 1,000 registered members in the community. Fiskerati Forums are a lot of fun. For example, we’ve met and continue to interact with a great group of Fisker enthusiasts on the site. Every day there is something new to talk about or check out in the forums. You can register for free using your email address or social media account. It’s a great way for you to ask questions and engage with other registered members of the community who are Fisker enthusiasts. It also allows you to take part in our polls! Make sure to join Fiskerati Forums today.


Fisker Rewards Program.
Our Fisker account hit 300 reward points as part of the Fisker Rewards Program.

Fiskerati keeps growing month after month, much like Fisker’s reservation numbers. As a result, members of the Fiskerati community helped Fisker add a minimum of 154 reservations since the Q2 2022 earnings call on August 3rd. Over the past 2.5 months, our Fisker referral code (DDK87H) has been used 300 times. Nice work!

Thank you to those who have used our referral code. It shows what we are doing is making a positive impact. Also, we only get reward points when our referral code is used. Please make sure to enter our referral code (DDK87H) when you reserve a Fisker Ocean or PEAR. We greatly appreciate it!

Club Membership

The Club by Fiskerati
The Club by Fiskerati.

Lastly, the Club by Fiskerati is just starting its second month having introduced it on August 12th. Since then, 70 members of the Fiskerati community have joined the Club either through our YouTube channel or directly from our site. When we started the Club, we shared our goal of reaching 500 club members by the end of 2022. While we are not quite there yet, we still have about 3.5 months before the year ends. If you’ve already become a Club member, thank you!

You may not know, but your Club membership helps keep Fiskerati ad-free. It’s our way of trying a different approach to funding operations. It may work, if we hit our goal of 500 club members by the end of the year. If we don’t reach our goal by the end of the year we will likely need to serve a couple ads on the site. However, we’re optimistic that members of the Fiskerati community will become Club members!

Also, the best way to become a Club member is through YouTube, because you get access to both YouTube perks and the members-only discussion forum. The members-only discussion forum on Fiskerati Forums is where you will find exclusive or early access to content from time to time. It’s also another way to connect with Club members aside from YouTube live chats. Please take a look at Club membership to see if it is a good fit for you.

Onward and upward…

Reporting from Fully Charged Live San Diego
Reporting from Fully Charged Live San Diego.

There you have it, you just received a behind the scenes look. You’ve probably never seen this from any other news site before. We appreciate your involvement from your posts on Fiskerati Forums to the comments you leave on articles and YouTube videos. It actually makes it more fun knowing members of the Fiskerati community like you are following along.

We are excited the Fisker Ocean in nearing start of production in November, which means there is a lot more content to come. That’s the latest over here at Fiskerati. Now you have a better understanding of what’s going on from our side and all the ways you can get involved. From one fellow Fisker reservation holder, future Fisker Ocean owner, and Fisker shareholder to another, onward and upward!

PS – Thank you to all of the members who said hello at Fully Charged Live San Diego. It was great to meet you.

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