Introducing Club by Fiskerati

The Club by Fiskerati

We are introducing the Club by Fiskerati as an alternative approach to fund operations and improve the customer experience.

Today, we’re introducing the Club by Fiskerati. If you didn’t know, Fiskerati is an independent news site that exclusively covers Fisker. Fiskerati is our passion project, but it’s actually taking a lot of time and capital to operate. More than 125k people visit the site and forums each month. It keeps growing by leaps and bounds, which is exciting but at the same time expensive to operate.

More than 275,000 people have visited Fiskerati since it launched in February 2022.

Club by Fiskerati offers exclusive members-only benefits. This program will allow us to fund operations of Fiskerati and further develop the customer experience. For example, we will upgrade our hosting provider and find other ways to optimize content on the site.

Recently, we launched a new design on Fiskerati Forums. Also, last week we rolled out new updates to the Fiskerati mobile apps. Not to mention, we started a YouTube channel to include videos on articles and hold weekly Live Stream events.

We’ve decided to take this route for a couple of few reasons. Firstly, serving ads on Fiskerati will clutter the site and make it look like a NASCAR. This will be our last resort. Secondly, we don’t have complete control of which ads are served on our site. That means you could see Fisker’s competitors displaying ads next to the Fisker Ocean, PEAR, and RONIN. Thirdly, over 100 readers have reached out to ask how they can support the Fiskerati site.

Showing Your Support

We are happy you’ve made it this far into the article. It’s readers like you that keep us going each day. There are two ways to show your support. You can either join Club by Fiskerati or make a one-time donation. Any way you can show your support is greatly appreciated.

Club by Fiskerati offers exclusive members-only benefits. Benefits include everything from custom badges and emojis on YouTube to guest hosting a live stream and gaining access to a members-only forum for exclusive content. We’re trying to offer something that fits into what we are already doing without adding additional overhead.

Alternatively, if Club by Fiskerati isn’t a good fit for you, feel free to make a one-time donation using your PayPal account. We understand not everyone is able to join the Club or make a donation. You can continue to show your support by reading the articles we publish, videos we make, and posting comments. We will continue to do the best we can for you each and every day.

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  1. I understand your commitment to this project, and the need to have some income to support it to keep it going. You should also have a one time option for donating to the membership. Regardless, many thanks for keeping us all informed.

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