Earth Day 2023: Easy Ways to Make a Difference

We share our Earth Day celebration for this year and offer suggestions on how you can help contribute towards protecting the planet.

Fisker Ocean atop a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Today, April 22nd marks the celebration of Earth Day. It’s an annual tribute to the environmental movement that originated over 50 years ago in 1970. With participation from over 1 billion individuals across 190 countries, Earth Day encourages mobilization for the betterment of our planet. While supporting environmentally conscious brands like Fisker is beneficial, making small daily changes can have a substantial impact over time. In this article, we share our Earth Day celebration this year, and provide suggestions on how to contribute towards protecting the planet, even if you don’t reside near the ocean.

Protecting Our Ocean

One thing we want to raise awareness about on Earth Day 2023 is the importance of protecting our ocean. Our ocean is a fundamental part of our planet’s ecosystem and plays a vital role in sustaining life on Earth. The ocean covers over 70% of our planet’s surface and produces over half of the oxygen we breathe. It also regulates the Earth’s climate, absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and provides a source of food and livelihoods for millions of people worldwide. In celebration of Earth Day, we decided to take action in our local beach community.

How We Celebrated Earth Day

Earlier today, my family and I participated in a beach cleanup at our local beach. It was surprising to see the amount of litter on the ground, especially in a community that prides itself on protecting the planet. When we returned home, we also walked around our neighborhood to collect trash before it could make its way into the ocean. We found a variety of items, from tiny plastic wrappers and paper cups to styrofoam and broken glass bottles, as well as rusty cans. In total, we picked up between 7 to 10 pounds of trash. It’s important to pick up litter promptly as the longer it remains on the ground, the more it breaks down and ends up in our waterways.

Recycling: Something Simple You Can Do

A couple years ago, on Earth Day, Fisker emphasized the significance of knowing the dos and don’ts of recycling. To make curbside recycling more manageable, they compiled a simple guide. For instance, give your items a second chance at life through recycling. This helps aid in preserving the planet and its valuable resources. The more we recycle, the less reusable material ends up in landfills. We’ve included these helpful tips on how you can make a difference each day to help protect our planet. (Fun Fact: The Fisker Ocean uses over 110 pounds of recycled materials).

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1 thought on “Earth Day 2023: Easy Ways to Make a Difference

  1. Sean. I appreciate what you did for Earth Day. Thank you. What you did is something I do almost every day, as I pick-up litter while we walk our dog. We need to treat all days as Earth Day…and not just preventing (and removing) litter, and not only through what brand we drive, but also how we treat neighbors and family and the people who live on this earth (including customers, potential customers, employees & shareowners, partners, suppliers, those less fortunate or hurting, etc.). If Fisker wants to be the brand that builds the earth’s most EMOTIONAL (and sustainable) vehicles, Fisker needs to be establishing deep levels of trust from the people who live on this earth. There can be no positive and lasting emotional connection without it.

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