Your Fisker Ocean Will Be a Mobile Power Source with PowerBank

Fisker Ocean PowerBank and PowerHouse Bidirectional Charger

PowerBank will transform your Fisker Ocean into a mobile power source.

One of the least talked about features on the Fisker Ocean is PowerBank. Actually, it may be one of the most revolutionary features. It’s included as a standard feature on all Fisker Ocean EVs as part of the Powertrain. In a nutshell, PowerBank uses the electric vehicle’s battery to power anything that requires electricity. Think of it as a backup battery.

PowerBank has many uses

The PowerBank system accesses your Fisker Ocean’s battery as a multi-function mobile power source. This technology is often referred to as vehicle-to-X (V2X), where X can represent the power grid (G), a building (B), a home (H), or another plug-in electric vehicle (V). This technology makes your Fisker Ocean EV a mobile power source. The PowerBank will offer three modes including PowerHouse, PowerShare, and External Power Outlet.

PowerHouse (V2H) for power outages

Imagine there is power outage. A storm hits. There is a heatwave where everyone has air conditioning turned on. A vehicle crashes into a power box (pad-mounted transformer) near your house. Or maybe the power company has a planned outage to upgrade electric equipment in your area. Regardless, the power in your home goes out.

According to Fisker, PowerHouse’s bidirectional onboard charger uses your EV battery as an emergency power source to run your entire home for up to seven days. This is based on power consumption of 50% normal use during emergency situations. Your home will need to purchase and install additional equipment to connect your EV to your home’s power source. Fisker may sell this additional equipment or refer you to a third-party to purchase and install it.

The Fisker Ocean PowerHouse will allow you to power anything inside your home that is electric. For example, you will be able to power your lights, garage door, refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, hot water heater, television and modem. This technology will transform the way you live especially during an emergency.

Power Grid Outage Fisker PowerHouse

PowerShare (V2V) is the new jumpstart

Have you every needed a jumpstart? That is the best way to describe PowerShare. It is essentially jumper cables for an electric vehicle. PowerShare will allow you to connect your Fisker Ocean’s charge port to another EV to give it an emergency boost. As more and more consumers make the switch from internal combustion engines to EVs, owners of plug-in electric vehicles will forget to charge their car at some point in time and will need a jumpstart. Your Fisker Ocean will come to the rescue. PowerShare will allow you to transfer some of the stored energy in your battery to another vehicle. Modern day jumpstart.

Fisker Ocean PowerShare Jumper Cables

External Power Outlet

As it states in its name, your Fisker Ocean will come with a power outlet. You will be able to plug in any electric device to give it power. Fisker states that External Power Outlet will let you power appliances, electronics, and more all from your Fisker Ocean. When you’re camping or at a tailgate party, you will be able to plug-in that blender to make margaritas, charge up your tech gadgets, or maybe even turn on a tent heater.

Overall, PowerBank is an incredible feature built-in to the Powertrain of your Fisker Ocean. It supports countless use cases to improve the quality of your life. It will be one of those features you didn’t know you needed until you use it. And just imagine if you had the Fisker SolarSky Roof and had PowerBank connected to your home in an emergency. This feature really is mind-blowing. We hope Fisker begins to market this feature as it is pretty cool.

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