Why Henrik Fisker Should Return to Twitter


With Elon Musk walking away from buying the social media property, we think it makes sense for Henrik Fisker to return to Twitter.

Henrik Fisker Twitter Account

After making a regulatory filing on Friday, Elon Musk is walking away from purchasing Twitter. According to the Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk is terminating his $44 billion agreement to purchase the social media network. Musk says Twitter “hasn’t provided the necessary data and information he needs to assess the prevalence of fake or spam accounts.”

Twitter pledged to still complete the deal. The two parties had a legal agreement that said Musk would purchase Twitter for $54.20/share. Additionally, either party could walk away from the deal subject to a $1 billion break up fee. Undoubtably, this will set the stage for a legal battle and create uncertainty around the social media property.

As a result of Elon walking away, we believe Henrik Fisker should return to Twitter to re-connect with his followers. It may be a little pre-mature for Henrik Fisker to return to Twitter. However, we think it makes sense in the foreseeable future. If you recall, Henrik left Twitter back in April, because of Musk’s decision to purchase Twitter. Henrik said, “I do not want my free speech to be actively managed or controlled by a competitor.”

For good reason, Henrik Fisker walked away from 86,000 followers. However, Henrik’s presence on Twitter is sorely missed. The social network allowed Henrik to create a personal connection with his followers. And, Twitter allowed Henrik’s followers to connect with him unlike any other social network on the internet. Henrik uniquely responded to his followers questions with animated gifs on a regular basis.

We believe Fisker, the company, would also benefit from Henrik’s return to Twitter. The social media service is where news breaks first on this internet. Henrik included, he broke a lot of news on the social media site. Henrik provided a lot more updates using Twitter, then he does today on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Stocktwits combined. When the time is right, we hope Henrik returns to Twitter. This Twitter poll suggests he should do so too. He can pick up where he left off to keep everyone better informed, answer questions regularly, and sell some electric vehicles.

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