What You Need to Know About Fisker’s App as Key

Fisker Flexee app will enhance your Fisker Ocean automotive ownership experience beyond the use as a digital key to unlock the vehicle.

Fisker Ocean door opened with app as key

With 5 months remaining until the first Fisker Ocean’s models are slated to be delivered, customers are eager and anxiously awaiting.

It’s time to discuss the aspects of how the tech oriented design of Fisker’s mobile app and digital key can enhance your automotive ownership experience.

Functionality, control, and access of your Fisker Ocean from anywhere. All from the secure platform of the Fisker mobile app powered by the Fisker Cloud.

The tasks your Fisker Flexee App perform

The Fisker Flexee mobile app will be your key into the Ocean SUV. It will literally be used for everything, from trading in your used car to purchasing your Fisker Ocean. It will also serve as your command center for the vehicle. Let’s dig into what functionality may be in store from Fisker.

  • App to allow automatic unlock/locking feature.
  • Upon walking up to the vehicle, the mobile app and the vehicle will begin communicating. The vehicle’s door handles will unlock/extend as you reach for the door.
  • Similarly; when you exit the vehicle and walk away the Fisker will lock itself automatically, the windows will close by themselves.
  • Push to start? Doubtful that we see this feature in the Fisker Ocean. With the app as key you will likely just put your foot on the brake pedal, shift to drive and cruise away.

Marked safe from sweating or shivering

The Fisker Flexee app will allow functionality to control vehicle climate settings remotely.

Is your car sitting in the hot scorching summer sun? No problem. With the Fisker app, use the cabin temperature settings to turn on the air conditioning.

It will bring the cabin temp to a comfy level before you enter the vehicle. You’ll feel as if you just took a dip in the ocean.

What if it’s a frosty winter day instead? The app has you covered like a warm blanket! Remotely engage the vehicle’s defroster and heater controls from the Fisker mobile app.

Also, Ocean One, Extreme, and Ultra trims are anticipated to feature the ability to engage California Mode remotely. The app will control the windows and roof through the app. Roll down all your windows directly from the app.

Charging your Fisker Ocean

Use the Fisker Flexee app to keep an eye on charging info. The Fisker Flexee app will display charging data to estimate the remaining time for the charge. It will also provide data for the amperage and input voltage being received by the vehicle. This data may be displayed in the vehicle expressed in the unit of Kilowatts.

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Subscription Hub

With the revolutionary Flexee Lease program offered by Fisker comes the necessity to integrate subscriptions into the mobile app. Fisker Flexee lease holders will be able to maintain their subscriptions through the mobile app. Additionally, over-the-air feature upgrades for the Fisker ocean may be purchased at any time through the app. All of this will be completed through the Fisker subscription hub.

Service and maintenance

You will be able to use the mobile app to manage service and maintenance of your Fisker Ocean. All on the go. Simply schedule routine service such as a tire rotation. Request roadside assistance with an unexpected issue such as a flat tire. The Fisker Flexee app has your back. You will be able to schedule service or request roadside assistance. All with a push of a button through the Fisker mobile app.

Improving the ownership experience

Fisker is rethinking the vehicle ownership experience. The company aims to upgrade the ownership experience for Fisker Ocean owners. They are making the Fisker Ocean feel as if it’s an integrated extension of the owner and their mobile device. The Fisker Flexee app will be your key into the Fisker Ocean. It will support an extensive list of features. All controlled remotely in the app.

This is a guest post by @TheMisterFisker, an EV owner, Fisker reservation holder, Fisker ($FSR) investor, and overall clean-tech enthusiast.

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