We’re Locked-In, New Fisker Ocean Review, Number Sequence, & User-Interface Revealed

Our Fisker Ocean One was locked-in this week while we received our sequence number, a UI sneak peak and new review.

Today, we’re 52 days since the start of Fisker Ocean production in Graz at Magna Steyr. Since then, a lot of stuff has happened. For example, this week we locked in our Fisker Ocean One, our sequence number was issued, we saw a reveal of the user-interface, and a new review out of Las Vegas. It was actually a busy week in the world of Fisker. Well, it was for us anyway! Below are links to some of the things we wrote about this week.

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Locked-In, Next Steps

It’s now officially official! Our lock in date was on Monday of this week. We can no longer edit our Fisker Ocean One build. We’ve been counting the days twice now since our lock date changed back in November. If you’ve been following along, we’re now going with Night Drive, Black Abyss Plus, and F3 SlipStream wheels in black. Next step for us might be the financing of our Fisker Ocean One. More to come on that later.

Number Sequence

Our Fisker Ocean One sequence number was also issued, which is 0469 of 5,000. That number is etched into our brain now for good or bad! 0469 has no significance to us or any that we can find with a Google search. Not as cool as 007, but we’ll take it! This number will be displayed on the 17.1″ display on the Fisker Ocean One in the vehicle information section. We got a sneak peak of that this week in the Fisker Ocean Infotainment User Guide. That had a lot of shots of the UI we’ve never seen before.

Out of Spec Reviews

Then, there was the Fisker Ocean review by Out of Spec Reviews this week from the Las Vegas pop-up location. It was cool to see the internet famous YouTube channel get to check out the Fisker Ocean outside of the Consumer Electronic Show. The review was fair and a lot of what we already shared from our experience in Graz, Austria and on All-Things Fisker. The only difference is we’ve only reviewed one car in our life from a “normal person” perspective. It wasn’t good or bad, but it’s worth checking out!

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