Weekly Metrics for Fisker Website and Flexee Apps (Week 15)

Fisker Ocean Driving California Coast

Fisker Flexee Android and iOS apps make big move in Norway and Denmark, website traffic trending downward.

Today, we will take a quick look at metrics of the Fisker’s website, Fisker Flexee Android, and iOS apps that we’ve been tracking. We routinely check site and app rankings as this has been a direct correlation to EV reservations for Fisker. As of late, reservations for Fisker Ocean have skyrocketed beyond 40,000. By earnings date (May 4th), we believe Fisker will have ~45,000 total EV reservations (41,500 Fisker Ocean + 3,500 PEAR).

Let’s see how things are going since we last checked these metrics two-weeks ago. At a high-level, Fisker website traffic has been slowly declining since the Fisker Ocean’s European debut at Mobile World Congress. No surprise there with all the hype leading up to the event. However, Fisker’s mobile apps are steady with big moves in Norway and Denmark.

As a reminder, take two minutes to rate the Fisker Flexee app on Android (link) and iOS (link). Your review, even if just a star rating, helps boost Fisker’s app ranking. And Fisker, in the next app update, add a prompt to ask your user’s to review the app. It’s super easy to implement!

Fisker website traffic is trending downward

Traffic to the Fisker website is trending downward since its peak on February 18th 2022. Since we last checked in two weeks ago, the global rank was #58,561 of all websites on the internet. Today, the Fisker website has a global traffic rank of #63,752. That was a drop of 5,191 spots in just two weeks. Traffic rank for the United States is #29,542. The top three countries that make up most of the visits to the Fisker site are the United States, India, and Germany. India doesn’t surprise us since Fisker just opened an office and began recruiting in Hyderabad earlier this month.

Google Play App Ranking – Fisker Flexee

Two weeks ago the Fisker Android app gained a new Top 500 spot with Austria and held a strong position for six countries. This week Fisker’s app holds a Top 100 rank for two countries, Top 500 rank for seven countries, and Top 1,000 rank for eight countries. Both Norway and Denmark have further cemented themselves in the Top 100 since last time we checked. The app has moved from 74 and 84 respectively to 43 in both countries.

The Fisker Android app has a total of 233 ratings. App ratings have stalled. Average rating is 4.4 stars. Last app update was February 15, 2022 (version 2.1.4).

Apple App Store Rank – Fisker Flexee

This week on the Apple App Store the Fisker Flexee App ranked in the Top 500 for four countries. The Apple iOS app gained 3 new countries since last time we checked. The Fisker Flexee app ranked 165 in Norway, 215 in Denmark, 330 in Sweden, and 444 in Austria. Like the Android app, there has been a big increase in both Norway and Denmark since two weeks ago.

The Fisker iOS app has a total of 330 ratings. App ratings have stalled. Average rating is 4.9 stars. Last app update was February 15, 2022 (version 2.1.4).

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