TWIF: 75k Reservations in Sight, Abbie Eaton, A Cult Following & More

Check out everything you may have missed in the world of Fisker in this week’s edition of This Week In Fisker.

This week in Fisker was eventful. First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. ICYMI, Fisker released the RŌNIN supercar photos early in the week ahead of earnings on Wednesday.

Fisker narrowly missed earnings too, but what mattered was what was said on the conference call. We took cliff notes for you in real-time and have a link to them at the top of the newsletter below. Fisker executives gave us lots of updates, which we dive into over the coming weeks.

In this week’s Fiskerati Newsletter, we have photos of the Fisker Supercar, earnings info, a new wheel option for the Fisker Ocean, the latest equity analyst ratings, among other updates. And one more thing, don’t forget to watch Henrik’s interview on Fox Business News. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it!

Fisker EV Lineup Moving at Hyper Speed
Fisker Appears on Fox Business News, Discusses Fisker Ocean Electric SUV and EV Industry | Fiskerati
75K Fisker Ocean Reservations in Sight
Fisker Ocean Must-Haves, After Driving a Tesla for Nearly a Year
Google Search Interest for “Fisker” and “Fisker Ocean” Trending Downward
Fisker Super Car Photos to be Released Tomorrow Morning
Fisker RŌNIN: Super Car Photos
Big News & Updates Expected on Fisker’s Q1 2022 Earnings Call
Highlights from Fisker’s Q1 2022 Earnings Call, Fisker Ocean Updates
Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker on Q1 2022 Earnings Results
Latest Analyst Ratings for Fisker
Weekly Fisker Stock Chart Analysis (Week of May 8th)
Fisker: A Cult Following
New Wheel Option for Fisker Ocean Electric SUV

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