This Week In Fisker: The Grove, Test Drives, Contacting First Customers, & Much More

This Week In Fisker

Hot off the presses, This Week In Fisker includes new details about Experience Centers, test drives, and when your Fisker Ocean will ship.

Fisker Experience Centers are Coming Soon
Fisker Experience Centers are Coming Soon

This Week In Fisker was a mixture of peaks and valleys. Last night, Henrik dropped news that Experience Centers will open worldwide in November. At the Los Angeles site, there have been delays with building supplies and city permits.

Today, we 26 days away from Ocean One pre-ordering and 165 days away from November 17, 2022. That is the expected Start of Production (SOP) date. That’s when we should see Fisker Ocean production vehicles roll off the line.

We also learned when Fisker will tell us when each Ocean trim will be shipped. As we reported earlier in the week, test drives were confirmed by Henrik last night. They will be offered at each Experience Center later this year. We also wrote about our Top 3 color picks and the Fisker Ocean vehicle warranty.

We did a few articles this week to dive deeper into various aspects of the company’s products. There were also a few guest blog posts this week, including the one from this morning about Fisker Flexee’s App as Key feature and how Fisker Ocean is set to become the best selling electric vehicle.

If you’re a Fisker investor, like us, you experienced a whirlwind of a week. The market was down on Friday, but EV names dropped the most with Tesla’s CEO laying off employees. Tesla also said it would stop its work from home option, which may bode well for Fisker. Also, we posted analysis about Fisker’s stock chart. And don’t forget, next week is Fisker’s annual shareholder meeting.

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2 thoughts on “This Week In Fisker: The Grove, Test Drives, Contacting First Customers, & Much More

  1. A bit concerned I have TWO cancelled checks for reserving two Fisker autos yet the clerk cannot or WILL NOT respond

    1. Hi David, Thanks for your comment. Do you mean you reserved two Fisker Oceans using a credit card? As far as I know credit card is the only method to pay $250 to reserve a Fisker Ocean or PEAR EV. As a reservation holder, you have a spot in line. The company will contact you once it is your turn to pre-order. Depending on when you reserved each EV you could be contacted as early as July 1, 2022 or end of 2023/early 2024. Hope this helps.

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