This Week In Fisker: Rollercoaster Ride, SolarSky Roof, PEAR Photo, & Much More

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Quick recap this week

This Week In Fisker was a wild one, especially if you are a Fisker shareholder. The week started off calm. Then Tuesday morning, the company announced the launch of a $350 million equity offering. Shares plummeted 20% at the lows. By the end of the week, the stock only closed down about 3%.

Two days after that announcement, Henrik Fisker shared a new photo of the PEAR. Many similarities between the PEAR and Ocean front-end. That helped reverse some of the losses. We also got some new footage of the Fisker Ocean SolarSky Roof. We got a lot of other photos from the company too this week.

Also, we did a piece on Fisker’s asset-light strategy. And, we also learned a bit about Fisker will be offering a trade-in option. Nevertheless, we wrote lots of articles, we hope you enjoyed them or get to take a look at them in this newsletter for the first time. Until next week, enjoy This Week In Fisker.

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