This Week In Fisker: Highlights and Recap of What’s on Our Radar

We discuss what’s on our radar for this week in Fisker and recap all the highlights from the past week.

Today, as we kick off this week in Fisker, there are several exciting updates on our radar. One of the most anticipated events is the possibility of production ramping up for European delivery at Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria. Fisker previously announced their intention to begin production on April 20th. Additionally, we’re looking forward to hearing more about a design award that Fisker will be unveiling later this week.

Last week was filled with notable events, particularly for Fisker Ocean reservation holders in Europe. The continent saw the opening of the first two Fisker Center+ locations in Copenhagen and Vienna. Furthermore, we caught a glimpse of another experience center in the works in Munich, Germany. Excitement continues to build as Fisker expands its presence across Europe. We also learned about the exceptional efficiency of the Fisker Ocean Extreme with 22″ wheels.

Then, we had the privilege of hearing directly from Henrik Fisker himself in an update on the Fisker Ocean One. We learned about Fisker’s plans to offer as many customers as possible a test drive, as part of their asset-light approach. For Fisker Ocean reservation holders in the United States, the EPA update from the interview was a significant highlight. In case you missed it, a link to the video is provided below for your reference.

ICYMI, This Week In Fisker

Here is a collection of what we covered this past week in case you missed it.

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Fisker Center+ Vienna Open for Business

Now Open: Fisker Center+ Copenhagen

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5 thoughts on “This Week In Fisker: Highlights and Recap of What’s on Our Radar

  1. I have reserved a car in the us but have not paid the additional funds do to not knowing production time. When should this be paid and when or where do we sign up for a test drive. We are in South Carolina

    1. Thanks for your comment Larry. Fisker will reach out to you when it is time to lock in your build and place a firm order with additional payment. Typically, it will be an email sent to the email address you have listed on file.

  2. The competition is not standing still, waiting for Fisker to produce and sell a quality vehicle (as evidenced by the many ads for alternative options on this site). HF and his people cannot continue to play the “waiting game” or “kick the can down the road game” with customers or the marketplace. It’s not fair to them. Fisker needs to prove (now) that he/they can build quality cars that can be mass produced for current and future customers. Shareholder have been decimated. And customers’ patience has been pushed to the limit. Alternative EVs exist, and there are more on the way. The time is now.

  3. Sean. I appreciate that. Mr. Fisker has been traveling around the sun since 1963 (as have I). He’s seen everything from the Bug to the Pinto to the Pacer to his very own Karma and beyond. He’s been in the car business since probably before you were born. Please understand that I’m a shareowner. I am looking for reasons to become a more committed one. I’m also a potential customer. But an automobile to the average car-buyer is a necessity, meant to be used in the real world (for a very long time)…not simply looked upon.

    This is not HF’s first rodeo. He is competing with global competitors who have made it through the process. If he/we are to compete and win, he/we need to do better than our competitors. Years into it now, and Fisker is still “in process” and has pushed all stakeholders to the limit – share price below $5 and customers still waiting after putting their money down. The marketplace has expected far better from Fisker than what it has received, to date. The time has come (past time, many would say) for Fisker and his team to finally deliver…a high-quality automobile for the world to use.

What are your thoughts?