The Week of Fisker Ocean Interior Options

If you were curious about each of the Fisker Ocean interior options this is the week Henrik Fisker gave us a closer look.

Today, we recap on what was a slow week in the world of Fisker, but also take the time to tell you more about Alcantara. As you know, there weren’t any major announcements from the company this week. Most of the communication came by way of social media posts. Henrik led the charge this week with giving us quite a few different views of the Fisker Ocean interior. We got several video clips from him that showed off Black Abyss Plus with black FeelTek seats and Sea Salt interior with white Alcantara seats. Then, we got one photo from Fisker with MaliBlu interior with indigo Alcantara seats.

Fisker Ocean MaliBlu interior with indigo Alcantara seats.

We’ve all seen MaliBlu interior with indigo Alcantara seats. It’s probably the color option that’s appeared most in photos showing off the electric SUV’s interior. However, shots of Black Abyss and Sea Salt have been pretty sparse. We were lucky enough to capture Black Abyss Plus with FeelTek seats on our visit to the Magna Steyr factory. That was the only interior option we got to see in person. Henrik showed off several videos of Black Abyss this week with the latest being our favorite, which we’ve posted above. It’s pretty festive too!

Henrik did a really good job showing off the Fisker Ocean with Sea Salt interior. This color option is quite beautiful. As Henrik mentions, it does have a nice contrast with the white Alcantara seats. However, we just can’t get past how difficult it may be to keep this interior option clean, especially with children and an outdoorsy lifestyle (care instructions below!). That said, if we were dead set on having Alcantara seats, then we would go with MaliBlu since the darker indigo color seats will conceal dirt and grimy little hands better.

What is Alcantara?

Fisker Ocean Sea Salt Interior

You may be wondering why Fisker has chosen to use Alcantara for their seats. We were wondering the same exact thing. So, we thought we’d research it to learn more about the material. We started by going to the US Patent Trademark Office since the term has a registered mark. We searched the term “Alcantara”.

Believe it or not, the sustainable material is named after the Italian-based company itself. In fact, Alcantara has been certified as “Carbon Neutral”, having defined, reduced and offset all the CO2 emissions deriving from its activity, including not only the production process, but also use and disposal of the product itself according to the company. That is inline with Fisker’s mission around sustainability.

It is indeed a very luxurious material used on some very high-end vehicles. In fact, you will find Alcantara on the BMW i8 Roadster and M4, Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae and Huracán STO, Maserati MC20, and Alfa Romeo Tonale to name a few. There’s nobody better to describe the material than the company itself.

In Alcantara’s Words…

The world of cars is a part of Alcantara’s DNA. The first car seats donning Alcantara appeared in 1978, and the Alcantara headquarters in Nera Montoro has been consistently described as the “tailor of cars” thanks to its work in custom-made car interiors. Over the years, Alcantara has designed the interiors (seats, steering wheels, dashboards, door panels) of many successful models of the biggest automotive brands, adding extra value to the most iconic vehicles. With expert craftsmanship, it fulfils customer requests for all kinds of vehicles, from the most exclusive to limited editions (BMW i8, Lamborghini Huracan, Maserati MC20). Top-tier excellence in the customisation of interior spaces. In the world of motors, the technical characteristics of Alcantara are more essential than ever. Alcantara is durable, breathable, washable, with improved grip: the ideal material for the interior spaces of vehicles. Alcantara is the ideal partner for transforming vehicle interiors in exclusive and comfortable spaces that meet the highest sector standards.

Caring for Your MaliBlu and Sea Salt Alcantara Seats

The company even provides maintenance instructions to care for the material. It’s nice to know how to specifically clean your Fisker Ocean seats made with Alcantara. For example, its not recommended to steam clean Alcantara in your Fisker Ocean MaliBlu or Sea Salt interior. Below are the instructions for ongoing care of your Fisker Ocean interior with Alcantara seats.

What is FeelTek?

As you know, the Fisker Ocean comes with an option of Black Abyss Plus interior with black FeelTek seats. This is our preference of interior options. We love the look and feel of the vegan material. The black FeelTek material looks simple and will be easy to keep clean. Like Alcantara, to learn more we completed a US Patent Trademark Office search for the term “FeelTek” and here is what we found.

The company that makes the FeelTek material is another Italian-based company. Mario Levi developed the proprietary FeelTek vegan material. The company has been around for over 70 years. Mario Levi has been serving the automotive industry with its benchmark leather interior upholstery for the past 50 years. Now they offer a non-leather upholstery option — FeelTek.

Back in 2018, the company teased the automotive world about their newly developed FeelTek material. The company said, “the latest promising finding of research encapsulates the fascinating feel of an authentic tactile and visual surprise.” However, the company’s website doesn’t offer any details about this material. We’ve reached out to Mario Levi to learn more.

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