The Tide is Turning, Fisker Experiences Wave of New Ocean EV Reservations

A sea of reservations for the upcoming all-electric Fisker Ocean reveals strengthening demand from consumers wanting to own and drive an electrified ride. 

Fisker is gearing up to launch the all new fully electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean this November 2022. Customers can now reserve the 2024 Fisker PEAR. As of last week, reservations currently stand at 33,000+ for the Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR combined.

According to the CEO, Henrik Fisker, the company is seeking to break the mold of a traditional automobile manufacturer. Fisker is a digital mobility company. Fisker presents a fresh take on an antiquated sales and service system. With this a new era mobility company comes along a new era of customer.

While EV’s are gaining traction across all demographics, Fisker is aligning itself with the ownership principals and values of Millennial and Generation Z consumers.

Starting with the app

The vehicle is similar to a smartphone on wheels by design. The car becomes an extension of the owner’s smartphone. The customer’s phone operates as the key and the app is used to control vehicle functionality and features.

Direct sales to consumer

No sales dealership with a pushy or predatory salesperson – who may or may not have up to date & accurate facts about the vehicle. This is straight forward sales model approach, like a gallery. This model allows the shopper to experience the vehicle in a serene atmosphere/environment.

Servicing the Fisker Ocean

Service for the Fisker Ocean is as simple as a push of a button. Mobile service technicians will be able to resolve most maintenance items at a convenient location for the customer. Fisker also plans to operate physical service centers that provide Fisker customers with a nationwide servicing footprint.

Value for the money

The Fisker Ocean Starts at $37,499 before any US Federal tax credits, if applicable. Additionally, the Fisker Flexee Lease is going to put the vehicle at an affordable price point for a large group of car shoppers. An affordable lease program on a vehicle that needs no gas and requires very little maintenance will be a true winner in the segment.

It could only be better if this vehicle was sustainable, manufactured in a zero emission facility, assembled and built from responsibly sourced recycled and recyclable material…oh wait, it is!!!

A clean future for all is coming ⚡

This is a guest post by @TheMisterFisker, an EV owner, Fisker reservation holder, Fisker ($FSR) investor, and overall clean-tech enthusiast.

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