The New ‘My Fisker’ Mobile App

We explore the new My Fisker mobile app and discover it will become the a must-have companion.

Your Ocean in the My Fisker app.

Today, we reviewed the latest Fisker mobile app. The company has rebranded it as ‘My Fisker’ for both Android and iOS. Fisker has notably aligned the app’s name with the naming convention used on their website, ensuring consistency for customers. The previous app, known as ‘Fisker Flexee’, didn’t make much sense to us. It might have been named after the Fisker Flexible Lease program, which we anticipate learning more about later this year. However, let’s get back to the new app!

The new My Fisker app, version 3.1.1, improves upon the significant redesign by the company that hit app stores back in March. Version 3.0 underwent a complete overhaul, laying the foundation for Fisker to introduce powerful tools for future EV owners. With customer deliveries just weeks away, the latest app release introduces additional functionality specifically designed for Fisker ownership.

Transforming the Ownership Experience

The app goes beyond allowing prospective customers to reserve and configure their Fisker Ocean; it also empowers customers to digitally manage their Fisker EV purchase from anywhere. Customers can now actively pair the app with their Fisker Ocean, providing them with visible features even before taking delivery of the vehicle. The updated screenshots in the app stores showcase additional functionalities.

Customers will have the ability to plan vehicle delivery, pickup, and service appointments. Additionally, they can utilize the app for navigation, finding nearby chargers or the quickest route. The app will provide access to 24/7 customer support, roadside assistance, collision repair lookup, and the Owner’s Manual. Most importantly, the connected car features will offer a safe and secure method to locate, access, and control their EV directly from their mobile devices.

As time progresses, we can expect the company to continuously enhance the customer experience, transforming the app into a companion for owning a Fisker Ocean, PEAR, RONIN, and Alaska pick-up truck. The app will evolve into a must-have for all Fisker customers throughout their ownership journey. We can’t wait to see what Fisker has in store.

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6 thoughts on “The New ‘My Fisker’ Mobile App

  1. This sounds very promising. I updated mine but found it to be very bloated and buggy. Even without stored data, it’s 700+ MBs and the formatting is really sloppy. Where it says my name on the center top of the Home screen, it’s offputtingly broken up to be be like
    y’s Ocean

    And the menu bar has both a drop down and a photo carousel navigation with mis justified text again that becomes stuck over the screen when returning home until you open and close the menu a second time. Several links are also non functional.

    My expectation is that once your app is tied to an actual vehicle, it’ll function beautifully but until then don’t judge this app by its cover.

    1. Which app are you using, the Android or iOS version? I just checked the App Store on my iPhone, and it indicates that the app size is 983.1 MB. Interestingly, your name is twice the size of ours. However, it would be more desirable if the text dynamically adjusted to become smaller rather than wrapping to the next line or getting truncated. Fisker is aware of this issue and plans to address it in a future app update. 😊

  2. My app updated but it’s no different than before. I am assuming this will change reservation changes to an order (waiting on an ultra in Canada since Feb 2022). I’ve actually lost features in the app upgrade, but gained them on the desktop site… weird…

    1. Thanks for the comment Trey. Park My Car is a feature coming in late 2023 per Fisker’s site. However, Fisker is launching with Parking Assist, which is listed under Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Other features coming in late 2023 include Smart Traction, Integrated Drive Assist (e.g. Traffic Jam Assist, Adaptive Drive Control, and Lane Centering), and Lane Change Assist. SolarSky is listed under High-Voltage Battery Pack & Charging.

  3. I have had a reservation since Nov 2020. Does anyone know what the Canadian pricing will be or is it just USD converted into CDN

What are your thoughts?