The Fisker Revolution

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Join me in the Fisker Revolution with a “pure” battery electric vehicle (BEV) like the Fisker Ocean or Fisker PEAR.

Consumer Adoption Curve

Thanks to Tesla, the automotive landscape has drastically changed during the past decade.

Today, the car-buying consumer has a plethora of battery vehicles to choose from. The great news is that the EV revolution has only just begun.

Currently, the American consumer is in the “Early Adopters” phase of the massively disruptive trend demonstrated by its 5% market share. Both Europe and China are further afield, now entering the “Early Majority “ market penetration with roughly 25% of new car sales. (Europe is currently at 22% and China at 26%.)

Let’s go back into time for a minute

Now, let’s get some historical perspective. The Electric Vehicle (EV) phenomenon was launched a mere ten years ago by Tesla. Elon Musk’s visionary leadership witnessed the official debut of the 2012 Tesla Model S. It hit the California marketplace with a gut punch.

The initial launch found 5,000 eager buyers or “Innovators” of this disruptive EV technology by December 2012. However, it foreshadowed what would inundate, first the California landscape and subsequently, the European and Chinese main lands.

Tesla Model S started production with only 12 to 15 vehicles made per week in 2012.  However, by 2015, the company produced 1,000 Model S EVs every week or about 50,000 per year. Tesla had previously produced 2,450 Tesla Roadsters before launching the Tesla Model S.

History has clearly shown that disruptive technologies hit the marketplace and generally follow the classic S curve of consumer adoption. This wholesale unending of the automotive landscape typically begins slowly. It will eventually cause severe disruption of the current ICE (internal combustion engine) marketplace.

For example, the rapid switch from horse carriages to petrol vehicles (early 1900’s), rental video movies to online video streaming (1990’s) and telephone landlines to mobile smartphones (2000’s).

EV sales are growing rapidly

2019 - 2022 California Quarterly EV Sales
Data source: California Energy Commission (2022). Retrieved April 22, 2022 from 01 2022 data update.

In the year 2022, we will usher in the second decade of the exponential EV growth curve and witness the rapid uptake of electric vehicles.

Between years 2022 to 2032, we will see the wholesale consumer acceptance of EVs. For example, today’s European EV market penetration consists of 22% total PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) with 12.8% BEV (battery electric vehicles) + 9.2% PHEV. The BEV market share is increasing while plug-in hybrid EVs are decreasing. The latest news shows that 50% of European and American consumers WANT their next vehicle purchase to be a BEV.

Get ready for the EV boom

People viewing the Fisker Ocean in Copenhagen

The 2022 year-end will see worldwide total EV sales reach a whopping 8 million vehicles! The USA should get to 1 million EVs. The European marketplace should hit 3.0 million EVs. China will attain an incredible 4.5 million EVs.

The EV forecast for 2030, only eight years from now, is to reach 145 million EVs per year. Just think about that for a moment. Keeping up with the Joneses will foster a shark frenzy among EV buyers. The OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) have to get their act together. For example, they have to finally commit to and conquer the supply chain issues already impacting eager EV consumers. 

Finally, you should know that, global EV sales have increased by a huge 41% per year since 2015. Yes, there is no disputing that EV penetration is entering the exponential upward growth phase. This could lead to complete EV domination by 2040.

Why is this so important to the global citizen?

The most effective way that you, one consumer, can impact the CO2 emissions, is by owning or leasing an electric vehicle. Worldwide transportation creates and contributes 25% of the weather affecting CO2 emissions. Almost half, or precisely 45% CO2 emissions comes directly from passenger gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles.

EVs will become increasingly competitive

We already know that European EV manufacturers are ramping up and quenching the EU appetite for EVs. The US marketplace is secondary to them, because of the generous support of the European states. Norway just reached 90% EV market share.

Chinese EV manufacturers are building and coming fast. Once the US government allows the Chinese EVs stateside, there will be an EV avalanche with their sub $30,000 pricing models. However, my preference, is to support Fisker and jump on board the EV train. And he good news, the Fisker PEAR will be priced around $29,900 without government tax incentives.

Join the Fisker reEvolution

Imagine cruising the California coast in your Fisker Ocean

So, today, I ask you all, to join me in the Fisker Revolution! It really doesn’t have to be the Fisker Ocean or Fisker PEAR EV models. Any “pure” battery electric vehicle (BEV) will suffice. I just would prefer to see this 100% American car manufacturer, Fisker, launch the fight to dominate the US and EU marketplace.

Henrik and Geeta Fisker have created and launched a truly world class EV company. The asset-light approach allows Fisker to hit the market quickly. It’s partnership with Magna, CATL battery, and Foxconn will leverage its nearly $1 billion+ dollars in cash to manufacture 50,000 Fisker Ocean electric SUVs in 2023 and 200,000 Fisker PEAR EVs in 2024.

Fisker is slowly catching the attention of many American and European EV buyers. Today, they have over 45,000 Fisker Ocean reservations and hope to reach 70,000 by November 17, 2022. The launch date for the Fisker Ocean is on schedule. Abbie Eaton is testing its driving dynamics. Magna has just built 75 Ocean prototypes to be used for testing and marketing purposes. The first six Fisker Experience Centers will open by 2023. In conclusion, get out there, go read all about Fisker EVs. And, decide to join the Fisker Revolution!

This guest blog post is written by Blu Angel. He is a an EV evangelist, Fisker Ocean reservation holder, and holds a long position in Fisker ($FSR) shares. His Fisker Referral Code is 8Z0AXK. Get Electrified!

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