The Fisker EV Truck

Fisker EV Truck

The time in now for Fisker to unveil its EV truck and start taking reservations as the competition is beginning to heat up.

Today, we revisit the idea of a possible Fisker EV truck. We were reminded about the Fisker truck again this morning when a post showed up on Fiskerati Forums.

There is no question an electric vehicle truck is the missing product in Fisker’s EV lineup. The company already has the Fisker Ocean electric SUV, PEAR compact five-passenger urban vehicle, and the RŌNIN convertible supercar.

We think the time is now for Fisker to unveil its EV truck and begin taking reservations. That’s because the competition in the EV pickup truck space is starting to heat up.

The Competition

Fisker Electric Vehicle Truck
Fisker EV pickup truck.

Legacy automakers have been investing heavily into electric pickup trucks. They have either announced or are already in production with EV pickup trucks such as the Chevy Silverado, Dodge RAM, Ford F-150 Lightning, GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, Tesla Cybertruck, and Toyota Tacoma.

In our opinion, the Ford F-150 Lightning is probably the best transformation of an existing brand’s gas-powered truck into an electric pickup on the market today. We also like the idea of a Toyota Tacoma EV, but unfortunately it is only just an idea. However, there is no doubt legacy automakers are ready to play with their established truck brands.

One thing is for certain, competition in the EV truck space is heating up. It makes you wonder how close of an eye Fisker is keeping on competitors in this space and what it has in store if it decides to enter the EV pickup truck segment.

What We Know About Fisker’s EV Truck

Fisker Truck Tweet
Henrik Fisker’s tweet about an electric pickup truck.

Over the past two and a half years, Henrik has shared two images of a Fisker EV truck. The first time he shared a rendering was back in February 2020 on Twitter. Henrik gave a sneak peak of the infamous Fisker Alaska EV pickup truck with the caption, “Electric pick up!” However, the image of the truck’s rear-end was quickly deleted from the social media platform. The initial image, while only the rear-end of the Fisker truck, had an Ocean vibe to it with what appeared to be off-roading tires.

Then, the Chairman & CEO of Fisker shared another rendering of the Fisker EV truck on LinkedIn near the beginning of 2021. This time, he included more details. He said, “Ok, yes, next vehicle might be a lifestyle pick up truck! But not just any truck! We want to create the lightest, most efficient EV pick up in the world! Making it, the most sustainable! image is just a teaser! Not the final: final will be way more radical!”

The latest computer rendering of the Fisker EV pickup truck looks more futuristic than the initial image shared by Henrik. There is a stark contrast between the two images with the latter showing off a completely redesigned rear-end maybe to appeal to a mass-market audience. The clean design, bold stance, and large wheels resemble the 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels available on the Fisker Ocean.

What is Fisker’s Next Electric Vehicle

Fisker has said time and again, it wants to expand its product lineup ahead of 2025. The company aims to deliver four distinct vehicle lines by 2025. Both the Fisker PEAR and RŌNIN were released after the latest social media post from early 2021. That means, we’re still waiting for Fisker’s fourth electric vehicle, which could be an electric vehicle pickup truck. If Fisker is planning an EV truck, let’s open the reservation queue! Let us know in the comments below what type of electric vehicle you think Fisker will deliver next.

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10 thoughts on “The Fisker EV Truck

  1. I would love to buy a Fisker Truck as my second EV. Can’t wait for my Fisker Ocean One LAUNCH EDITION!!! I WOULD PRE ORDER a Truck TODAY!! I WOULD ORDER A RONIN TOO IF I COULD AFFORD IT..

  2. A truck is the most logical. I think you could make the argument that the truck should come before Ronin. I’ve got a reservation for a F150 Lightning and would consider dropping that for the Fisker Truck

  3. Make sure it seats 5 adults and 400+ mile range is the minimum It would take to get me interested. I’m still waiting for warranty service center confirmation. I am excited at the thought of what I’m hearing but facts are needed before I send ANYONE my money.

  4. Since I am getting the ONE, the range on a EV truck is less critical to me as I would not use it for long trips but more around town/ in the state/ out to the coast trips for camping or hauling plants/christmas trees.woodchips or whatever else I loathe doing with my VW CC.
    Get me at least 275 reliably in all weather conditions and I am in.

  5. Still no plans, i am aware of, as to where Fisker will offer warranty service or resolve any issue of any kind. NO THANKS!

What are your thoughts?