Tesla Model Y Meets Fisker Ocean: An Unexpected EV Owner Encounter

While cruising in our Fisker Ocean, we experience a heartwarming encounter with a Tesla Model Y owner reinforcing its unique appeal beyond an ordinary electric vehicle.

Our Fisker Ocean with a Night Drive exterior.

Today, as we were out and about in our Fisker Ocean, we experienced a moment on the road that will stick with us. It was a brief encounter that will leave a lasting impression. We had such an unforgettable interaction with a fellow electric vehicle enthusiast. He was driving a Tesla Model Y with a gray exterior, likely on his way to work. This experience couldn’t have come at a better time since we were asked earlier this week whether our Fisker Ocean still grabs attention.

The answer is a resounding yes. Since taking delivery of our Fisker Ocean in July, the exterior design has been captivating members all throughout our community. As we cruise down the road in San Diego, we can’t help but notice the appreciative glances and intrigued looks from those around us. People are taking notice and admiring the thoughtfully designed electric SUV unlike any other vehicle we’ve owned before. It really is remarkable and we thought we’d share the latest moment with you.

A Surprising Moment from a Tesla Owner

We’re not quite sure what to make of it yet, but today was unlike any other day. While dropping off family members at school and work in our Fisker Ocean, we noticed a Tesla Model Y closely trailing behind us as we headed home. As we approached a stop sign, we realized that the Tesla Model Y was pulling up beside us for the owner to get a closer look at our electric SUV. The Tesla owner turned his attention to our Fisker Ocean, a broad smile graced his face as we looked directly at each other.

Then came the heartwarming gesture that caught us completely off guard. What happened next was a surprise to us. With his left hand off the steering wheel, the Tesla owner raised his hand upward. His facial expression showed a mixture of astonishment and genuine appreciation. His raised eyebrows and expression communicated what can only be described as a sense of being impressed. The spontaneous interaction resulted in the Tesla owner giving us a vigorous thumbs-up — a simple yet powerful gesture that took us by surprise.

More Than a Nod of Approval, Something Special

Throughout our time driving our Fisker Ocean some 1,500 miles over the past month and a half, we’ve encountered numerous nods of approval and curious gazes from countless people. Each of these instances has injected a sense of delight into our EV journey. Nevertheless, the encounter this morning with this Tesla Model Y owner was undoubtedly one of a kind and made us smile.

It was more than just a nod of recognition. The Tesla owner seemed to know about the Fisker Ocean. His sincere enthusiasm at spotting one on the road amidst the numerous Teslas in our community will remain a memorable moment. This latest encounter strongly reinforces the idea that the Fisker Ocean is more than just another electric vehicle, and at times, a simple thumbs-up is all it takes to recognize that you’re behind the wheel of something genuinely exceptional.

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8 thoughts on “Tesla Model Y Meets Fisker Ocean: An Unexpected EV Owner Encounter

  1. Sean. That’s a very fun story. I think most people, with eyes to see, recognize the beauty of the various Fisker automobiles. Mix such beauty with sustainability, high quality, durability, and superior service/engagement and we’ll see a lot more thumbs-up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sean .. was the man from Bangladesh. Because a Thumbs up means something different in Bagladesh. Its the same as showing you the middle finger in Europe.

  3. Yes—our Fisker Ocean is definitely getting looks here. We are in a sea of Teslas, there are 14 on our block! We are thrilled to have an SUV with personality.

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