Takeaways from Exclusive Interview with Henrik

Henrik Fisker

In this guest article, I share my takeaways from the Fiskerati interview earlier this week with Henrik Fisker.

Happy weekend #FiskerFam!!!  This week, Sean from Fiskerati was able to snag an exclusive interview with the man himself…Henrik Fisker.

With less than 3 months away from SOP, pop-up events with the Ocean test vehicle and prototypes, trips to the Magna factory and making sure everything is coming together for November, we have to assume Henrik is a busy man.

For Sean to get an interview with Henrik is nothing short of a miracle. I know he’s been working on this for several months so if you haven’t done so yet, send him some kind words for doing this for the Fam. Also if you haven’t watched the interview yet, it’s a must watch!

Personal Approach

I personally think the interview went very well. Henrik seemed tired at first but as soon as he starts talking, he gets right into it. Sean first asked him about the welcome message he sent out to Ocean One customers. Henrik explains that he is trying to take a personal approach that nobody else is doing to interact with his customers.

I think as long as Elon and Twitter have anything to do with each other, we won’t see Henrik on Twitter right now so he’s using various methods to interact with us. As of late, it seems like he’s been pretty active getting the message out. As we get closer to SOP, I think we’ll get a ton of updates. These next 3 months should be pretty exciting.

Ocean One Update

Henrik will be going back to Magna in a couple weeks and he said they’ve produced about 60 prototypes. He will be looking at updated parts that will actually be in the production vehicles, checking out the latest upgrade to the UI, and will be looking at almost a complete production vehicle.

Production Intent Vehicles

Fisker Ocean Test Vehicle
Fisker Ocean test vehicle.

Just like the rest of us, it seems Henrik is ready to kick the prototypes to the curb and get production intent vehicles out on the streets. The prototypes have traveled many miles starting with the LA AutoShow last November.

If you’ve been on Fiskerati Forums, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you will see an array of theories, comments, concerns and excitement all at the same time. What many people fail to realize is these are still prototypes. 

Henrik mentioned that he should be getting production intent vehicles out in October so we can see what the final version will look and feel like. In Henrik’s own words, people will be able to slam doors, sit in it and push buttons. I mean who doesn’t want to slam a door?

The Vision     

Fisker Ocean California Mode
California Mode on the Fisker Ocean.

Sean mentioned that Fisker currently has 58,000 reservations with 80,000 expected by the end of the year and asked Henrik what he thinks has attributed to all these reservations. Henrik said from the start, he had a goal to have 4 things in mind when he started the Ocean project.

First was to have a unique vehicle that nobody else was doing (performance, longest range in class, best price in its class, exclusive features, etc)…Insert jab from Henrik to the Tesla Model Y with a lower range in its class. Second was having a convertible type vehicle without being a convertible…hence California Mode. Third was to have solar energy…hence the solar retractable roof. Fourth he wanted a rotating screen unique to Fisker. These are only a fraction of many other must have features when developing the Fisker Ocean.  

Project Pear

Fisker PEAR image shared by Henrik Fisker this week.

Henrik shared with us a new unobstructed picture of the Pear, and an exclusive PEAR photo with Sean that he was able to bring up on his screen during the interview. Henrik then touched on his vision and concept for the Pear. With more details to come in the future, the Pear will be a smaller “grocery getter” that Henrik said could likely be fully charged in under 15 minutes.

Final thoughts

I don’t know about anyone else but interviews like this get me more and more excited for November to come. We seem to learn something new every time Henrik speaks. Thank you Sean for getting Henrik to sit down and talk with you. We are all looking forward to the next one!!!   

This guest blog post is written by @TomCorey. He is an automotive enthusiast, fan of Fisker, and holds a long position in $FSR shares.

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  1. I am a 73-year old woman currently driving a leased Tesla Y. I have two questions about Fisker cars that I have not found answers to anywhere. A) I have small dogs. Sometimes it is a boon to be able to leave them in the car for a while. Tesla’s “Dog Mode” is a real boon. Fisker’s “open window” feature is not a realistic option. B) How robust is Firestone “roadside assistance”? Firestone’s reputation is far from stellar. What will Fisker do to hold Firestone’s feet the fire to ensure good service?

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