Stockholm Fisker Experience Center Photos

Fisker is making progress in opening a new experience center in the greater Stockholm area of Sweden.

Today, we received photos of the upcoming Fisker experience center in the greater Stockholm area in Sweden. A nearby Fiskerati reader rode his bike to the area and checked it out for us. The center is located in Kungsängen, right by one of the major highways (E18). Interestingly, it used to be a car dealership, making it an ideal spot for delivering Fisker Oceans to customers. Situated in a business park alongside other car dealers, service shops, and logistics centers, the center is currently not operational. Its address is Mätarvägen 23, 196 37 Kungsängen, Sweden (map).

The photos reveal a similar aesthetic to recently launched Fisker Center+ locations in Copenhagen and Vienna. The exterior of the Stockholm experience center prominently showcases Fisker branding on the upper part of its large windows. With white Fisker letters on a black background, accompanied by the ocean pattern and corporate logo, it creates a striking visual. Inside the building, the walls are painted white, the flooring features polished concrete, and the tall ceiling is exposed. It gives off a modern industrial vibe and we love it!

Exciting Expansion of Fisker Experience Centers Worldwide

Fisker is making great progress with opening other experience centers as well. If you’re not familiar with Fisker Center+ and Lounges, they are showrooms, delivery centers, test drive locations, and Fisker-operated service centers. Currently, Fisker has four experience center locations opened across Europe among Copenhagen, Vienna, and Munich.

Furthermore, earlier this month, Fisker announced their plan to open over 20 experience centers across Europe and the US throughout 2023. The company expects to open their Los Angeles flagship Lounge later this month, as shared by Fisker. We discussed this particular Lounge on All-Things Fisker earlier this week, and we’re eagerly looking forward to visiting the Fisker Lounge at The Grove as soon as it opens.

Some of the Fisker experience center locations on our radar include Westfield Shepherd’s Bush in London, UK, Dusseldorf near Cologne in Germany, Frankfurt in Germany, Oslo in Norway, and Paris in France. As we uncover more Fisker Lounge and Center+ locations, we’ll be sure to keep you informed. Additionally, please share your photos with us as you come across Fisker developments in your area.

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