Road Trip: Off to See the Fisker Ocean

Join us for on our cross country road trip as we take our electric vehicle from San Diego to Walt Disney World and check out the Fisker Ocean along the way.

Today, we are excited to kickoff a family road trip in our electric vehicle from San Diego with a final destination of Walt Disney World. Along the way, we plan to check out the Fisker Ocean in Texas. We are excited to see the electric SUV again — this time with the entire family! If timing works out, we catch the Fisker Ocean in Austin at Hotel San Jose. While we wish we were driving across country in our Fisker Ocean One, we have to settle for our one year-old Tesla Model 3.

Come along for the journey

Since this is our first cross country road trip in an electric vehicle, we are going to document our journey. Additionally, we’ll keep track of how many times we need to stop at a gas station to use the restroom, clean our windshield, or get snacks along the way. So far, zero times! During this journey we plan to use Tesla superchargers and try out EVgo and Electrify America CCS charging points too. It should be an unforgettable experience. Hopefully we don’t end up with any range anxiety along the way!

Day One Complete

This morning, we headed out of San Diego with a fully charged electric vehicle with 347 miles to the charge. The first stop out of San Diego was to charge the electric vehicle in Yuma, AZ. As we were charging, a person in a Ford F-150 Truck yelled out of their window, “Get a gas car.” We couldn’t help but laugh. The next stop was at a Tesla Supercharger in Gila Bend, which ended up with charging failures left and right. Without much of a charge from that charging station, we continued on our way and made it to Scottsdale with 20% battery. 400 miles driven on day one of our journey. 900 miles to Austin, 2,000 miles to Oralndo!

Full Self Driving Braking Issues

We were really looking forward to using the Full Self Driving feature on this road trip. However, along the way to Arizona we kept encountering issues with it. We were driving about 75 MPH, Full Self Driving engaged, and every now and again the vehicle’s brakes were automatically slammed on. Not gently applied, but slammed on. It was quite alarming. We were on a completely open road. The closest car near us was up ahead at least 1/8th of a mile away. Not sure why, but this happened at least 3 times. Luckily, there weren’t any cars closely behind us otherwise we would have likely been rear-ended. Aside from this, the journey has been pleasant so far.

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6 thoughts on “Road Trip: Off to See the Fisker Ocean

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed about your experiences on a cross country ev trip, especially about the charging stops!

  2. Sean, you are a hoot. Please keep the info coming as we ride along with you and your family to Orlando. Safe travels.
    Franklin sands florida

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