Pre-Order Fisker Ocean Extreme Before President Biden Takes Action Next Week

Fisker Ocean Goodwood Festival of Speed United Kingdom Debut

Time is running out to pre-order Fisker Ocean Extreme before US President Biden signs the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law.

Today, we confirmed again the Fisker Ocean Extreme is still available for pre-order in the United States. This comes as multiple news agencies report US President Biden will sign the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law next week. In fact, we heard President Biden say he will sign the historic $430 billion bill into law next week. No specific day has been given. It will be the largest climate change package in history ever signed by a US President. It will cut domestic greenhouse gas emissions, among other things, while changing the Federal EV tax credit system.

Fisker Acting Fast

Fisker Ocean Extreme
Fisker Ocean Extreme at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Almost a week ago, Fisker implemented a plan for US customers to possibly retain eligibility for the $7,500 Federal EV tax credit. They opened up pre-ordering for Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. Unlike what they did with Ocean One, moving in sequence starting with reservation #1, Fisker opened up pre-ordering at the same time for all US reservation holders. Fisker acted quickly to help out their customers before the US President signs the new bill into law next week.

This move was welcomed by reservation holders that acted quickly. However, reservation holders who waited until the end of the week to pre-order are pretty upset. The allotment of Fisker Ocean Ultra and Sport electric vehicles sold out for US customers on Thursday. Reservation holders that visited the Fisker website last week saw at the top of the screen a message that read, “Supplies are limited.” Those that saw the message acted quickly.

While Fisker was trying to do a good thing, it has left a sour taste in the mouth of early reservation holders. It sucks to see people miss out on the vehicle that they really wanted. However, it is what it is. Fisker can only produce so many electric vehicles and needed to move fast. Sometimes you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You can’t please everyone all of the time. All you can ask for is a company to try to do its best.

Ocean Extreme Still Available

Goodwood Festival of Speed - Fisker Ocean Front
Fisker Ocean Extreme at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

There is still some glimmer of hope for reservation holders in the US that missed out on Ocean Ultra. The Fisker Ocean Extreme is still available for pre-order at the time of publishing this article. Yes, the vehicle is $19k more than the Ocean Ultra. If you’re in the US and missed out on Ocean Ultra, you might reconsider Fisker Ocean Extreme. That is if you can afford a higher monthly car payment.

Fisker has said it cannot guarantee pricing will remain static for vehicle orders received after the 40,000-reservation number or vehicles produced from 2024 onwards. That means we are likely to see price increases in late 2023 or 2024. Who knows how much prices will increase? Maybe 10% or 15%? Hard to tell where inflation goes and whether the Inflation Reduction Act actually curbs overall prices.

That makes the purchase of an Ocean Extreme today, cheaper than it will be in 2024. When you factor in the $7,500 Federal EV tax credit, if that works out per the interpretation of the new law, it makes the purchase nearly 10% less expensive. That could mean nearly a 20% savings for those previously interested in Ocean Ultra. Last week, we provided readers with steps from reserving to pre-ordering a Fisker Ocean. Something to think about before the opportunity is gone next week.

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6 thoughts on “Pre-Order Fisker Ocean Extreme Before President Biden Takes Action Next Week

  1. I was one of those lucky later reservations who got a chance for a 2023 Sport, and I do sympathize with those who reserved early and got frozen out. I think one way Fisker could do right by them is to guarantee those who had a pre-40,000 reservation to get 2023 pricing even if their vehicle isn’t delivered until 2024. They could still raise prices in 2024 on the rest of their production run, it would only be a couple thousand (US only) at most who missed out on the early order window.

  2. Fisker should make this right and let those people buy 2024 models it raised money and stayed in business by advertising the number of reservations, but now people who patiently believed in Fisker can shove off if they don’t want to shell out an extra $18k regardless of how early they reserved. I think people understand waiting longer but tossing your core clientele to the roadside is something else.

    1. It’s not the ideal situation Erik. It sucks that many people, including yourself from the sound of it, didn’t get to pre-order the Ultra in the US. Let’s all hope Fisker can increase production next year and you’ll get a chance to pre-order your Ultra in Q1 2023.

What are your thoughts?