On the Rise, Fisker Flexee App Downloads for Android and iOS #Week7

Fisker Flexee App downloads accelerate on Google Play, compared to Apple App Store.

Many investors seem to think the Fisker team hasn’t done a good job with its marketing efforts. Well, we beg to differ, especially when looking at the numbers. Fisker Flexee app downloads is a good metric to track how well the company is doing with its marketing efforts. The marketing team appears to be making progress. App downloads are the top of the customer acquisition funnel, which is the case for Fisker.

The company reported earlier this week 72k registrations to date. We can assume the majority of those registrations were completed using the Fisker Flexee app for either Android or iOS. This means prospective customers are downloading the Fisker Flexee app from either Google Play or Apple App Store. Now, Fisker just needs to convert all of these app users to actual customers (i.e., reservation holders). About 43% of app users become reservation holders.

Week 7 App Downloads

The Fisker Flexee apps appear to be gaining some traction in both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Using Data.ai, an app tracking service, we can view app store rank by category in relation to app downloads. App downloads have picked up pace on both on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Fisker’s Android app now ranks in the Top 500 for eight countries. This includes Norway, Denmark, Austria, Canada, France, Sweden, United States, and Germany. It ranks in the Top 100 for two countries (Norway and Denmark). The iOS app now sits in the Top 500 for three countries (Norway, Denmark, and Sweden). It has not broken the Top 100 for any countries. Downloads appear to be on the rise in markets the Fisker Ocean will be available which is a positive sign.

The company has some work cut out for them. They need to increase app store downloads on the Apple App Store. The app was no where to be seem in the Top 1,000 a couple of months ago.

Fisker Flexee App Ranking for iOS

The chart below shows Fisker moving up its app store rank quite a bit in Google Play in various countries.

Fisker Flexee App Ranking for Android

We will track these numbers over the remainder of the year to see how well Fisker is doing with Fisker Flexee mobile app downloads, since this is the first step of the reservation funnel. We will keep tracking these numbers to see how well the company makes progress. Overall, we see a positive trend with downloads which is a kudos to the Fisker marketing team. Let’s hope the company can continue down this path.

What do you think the Fisker marketing team could do better? Please leave your feedback in the comments.

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