Ocean One Delivery Update, New 2022 ESG Impact Report, & Jim Cramer Calls Fisker a “Charity”

Henrik Fisker provides an update on Fisker Ocean One customer deliveries, Fisker publishes 2022 ESG Impact Report, and Fisker’s stock mentioned during Jim Cramer’s Lightning Round.

Today, we present several updates from All-Things Fisker. First and foremost, we are excited to bring you the latest news about customer deliveries of the Fisker Ocean One. Additionally, we are sharing Fisker’s newly published 2022 ESG Impact Report. Finally, we take a quick glance at Fisker’s mention on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money Lightning Round. We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Fisker Ocean One Deliveries

To start, Henrik Fisker has addressed a question that has been on the minds of many Fisker Ocean customers. We submitted this question to the company’s Q&A platform prior to Fisker’s most recent earnings call. Our question was clear: “Is Fisker on target to deliver all Ocean Ones by end of September?” Now we have the latest answer. Henrik has just shared that Ocean One deliveries are gaining momentum in August. This is evident by electric SUVs arriving at ports on the West and East coast of the United States. Henrik is anticipating the delivery of all 5,000 Ocean One vehicles to customers by the end of September. With 51 days remaining until the final day of September, we hold an optimistic outlook that Fisker will achieve this target, echoing Henrik’s confidence.

2022 ESG Impact Report

Fisker Ocean driving through Vienna, Austria.
Fisker Ocean driving through Vienna, Austria.

Moving on, Fisker has released its latest annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact Report today. In the previous year, Fisker introduced its inaugural ESG Impact report during the pre-production phase of the Fisker Ocean, its debut vehicle. This report meticulously outlined the integration of sustainability into the company’s operations and described the foundational building blocks of their sustainable culture.

The current report not only builds upon the progress highlighted in last year’s report, but also highlights Fisker’s expansion across people, process, and product offerings, particularly as the company successfully entered the production phase for the Fisker Ocean in November 2022.

It is apparent, Fisker’s commitment to refining its products and learnings from the Fisker Ocean’s launch is unwavering. Upcoming EV models like the Fisker PEAR, Ronin, and Alaska are incorporating these valuable lessons. Within the latest report, Fisker conveys heartfelt appreciation to its dedicated employees, suppliers, and stakeholders, while reaffirming its commitment to a Clean Future for All.

“We strive to continually redefine what it means to be an automotive company. This driving energy for sustainable innovation resonates across the organization and has identified new and creative approaches.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, Fisker Inc.

Jim Cramer Voices Opinion on Fisker Stock

During the Lightning Round segment last night, a caller asked Jim Cramer, the host of Mad Money, about Fisker stock. Cramer responded succinctly, telling the caller, “No, that’s more of a charity. We’re into the stock game.”

Regardless of one’s feelings towards him, the influential CNBC stock picker boasts a substantial following. It’s evident that Fisker needs to engage more effectively with financial news network pundits. We suggest that Fisker contacts the producers of Mad Money. That way they can arrange a return appearance by Henrik Fisker on the show. Henrik’s last appearance was in October 2021, and perhaps the Mad Money host could benefit from a refresher!

Fisker Operates Differently

While Fisker is a purpose-driven company reimagining the auto industry, as shown in its latest ESG Impact Report championing a Clean Future for All, the company is also focused on attaining profitability.

Reimagining the Automotive IndustryPurposeNew Financial Paradigm
Fisker is a design forward, digitally driven company focused on innovations that challenge the traditional automotive industry.Our carefully curated team is focused on executing all aspects of vehicle functionality and the ownership experience though the lens of design, sustainability, and innovation.Our asset-light, direct-to-consumer operating model supports recurring revenue, reduced cyclability, and a rapid path to production and profitability

Reserve Your Fisker Ocean

Reserve your Fisker Ocean, PEAR, Alaska, or Ronin at https://fiskerinc.com/reserve using referral code DDK87H.

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9 thoughts on “Ocean One Delivery Update, New 2022 ESG Impact Report, & Jim Cramer Calls Fisker a “Charity”

  1. I learned, probably first as a young child, that – actions speak louder than words. Henrik Fisker really has no need to speak with Jim Cramer. Fisker’s actions/results should do the talking.

  2. You invited us to share…
    So actually, I’m with Tim. While Fisker Inc is reimagining the auto industry… they are also bringing customer service to unimaginable lows. It sounds like the new functionality delivered is missing important functions functioning? And word is, deliveries have stopped because things cannot get fixed over the air. Maybe this is temporary, but it is frustrating reading words like “innovation” when there is no acknowledgment from the Fisker team about “challenges” and what the holdups are.

    Sean, as for Jim Cramer, he likes the Ocean. Everyone does… it looks way cooler than anything out there less than 6 figures. So certainly Cramer has his ear to the ground on this. He’s not changing his tune until we get some real customer service that is honest and forthright, and reaches out to us on all media to tell us when and what we can expect. The company does sound like a charity right now. Our expectations do not need managing. That’s not working, they are loosing customers by the day with this silence strategy. They should come out and tell us they need 6 more weeks (or months, whatever). And deliver… and we will stop our bellyaching (many of us) and wait. Just tell the truth and we will show respect in kind. (most of us, anyway… this is the internet age). Forthright acknowledgement of issues will buy them an army of backers to drown out the noise of a few.

    As for your regurgitation of the “purpose driven” mission statement… lets be clear on one thing we can agree on. Way, way, way, over half of us are not buying the vehicle for a “reimagined purpose”. That angle is still a tiny sliver of market share. Why are we buyers…? You know it in your heart. The Ocean looks really hot, and we like the features, and yea… it’s electric. What we need is meat behind the promises.

    So tell us when it will come… as originally promised. Even if we don’t like the news, tell the truth. We’re big boys, Fisker, we can take it. Then throw us a bone… cause right now, you need to… and make our fomo and range anxiety fade away. Let us charge anywhere. (see what I did there? I didn’t use the T word). Do those two things, this week, and you get back a whole lot of credibility. Don’t wait too long, though, my eyes have focused on a new paradigm… toward a rapid path to another vehicle. And that’s not good for your profitability.

    Adam’s YouTube last month, “My Fisker Ocean Questions” was perfect in pointing out the many questions with the rollout. It’s amazing how many issues we (cumulatively) have. That video should be played to all employees at this week’s Fisker staff meeting. When the seeds of doubt take root in their biggest fans… they need to take a look inward and find a way to turn it around. Clean Future Impact Reports and nice sounding Mission Statements aren’t sticky right now. They need to address the 300lb Gorilla first. Lock the doors, order dinner, rent cots, and get r done. Then… they can charm us.

  3. I enjoy Jim Cramer (CNBC), he can talk about a thousand different companies and how their stock’ll do this or that, or he loves the CEO and so. My view is that HF is building a car differently than most, if not all, major car manufacturers using the asset lite approach. We know Fisker’s kryptonite can be many things but supply issues will definitely through a wrench in the process. I believe, with HF’s experience, that once the machine is running it’ll be up and running a long, long time. That’s when I want to hear Jim Cramer again.

  4. I’m always in Awe when people respond with there smiling criticism to a Guy who is trying to build. Try it your self, you wont be smiling, its not easy, I have built 2 of them from scratch.

    Tesla is and has been a MEGA disaster from the begining, yes I owned it from $30 in 2013, so I know about there problems and still going. Today is another Fed lawsuit, I think that makes 6 THIS YEAR.

    LET HF BREATH PEOPLE and do the job.

    Honestly most of this jargon disappears when SP is $60 per and you know it

  5. Je suis un Québécois en liste pour un Océan Sport et deux réservations pour le PEAR. J’ai été vraiment charmé par la beauté du Design ainsi que la technologie et les prix annoncés! Quels défit pour cette nouvelle entreprise moderne ayant à coeur le respect de la planète bleu et de leurs fournisseurs et de leurs clients. Pour tout dire, l’attente est normal et en vaut la chandelle. Avec le temps ils pourront améliorer les petits problèmes et quand arriveras mon tour, se seras encore un meilleur produit! Je conduit mes autre véhicules à essence avec une vision d’un avenir plus propre et durable lorsque je recevrai mon premier Océan Bleu Planet. Bravo à Henrick ,son épouse et toutes l’équipe, continué de ramé dans le bon sens,de travailler, d’inventer et de propager votre vision d’avancer ensemble vers un monde plus vert et viable pour tous! Les critiques constructives ont le mérite d’aider à se surpasser et de faire partie de la solution.

  6. Honestly, if we can get better communication, we would be very happy. I agree with the comment above, it’s hard to build a company, a product that people want. Henrik is already there…my concern is that the consumer feedback is not getting anywhere. I would really like to know what their NPS score is, based on the customer service alone I would be hard-pressed to refer anyone to buy Fisker. Much about the car is unknown while most are willing to take a risk including myself I just want customer service to be able to respond to my email in a timely manner and not wait for a week or two to get back to us. As Sean pointed out, we are 51 days away from getting deliveries, some of that time includes transit time and we can assume that to be at least 2 weeks (if they fly the cars again). That leaves roughly 5-6 weeks for production to complete. Any factory in the world knows what they will be producing over the next 4 to 6 weeks, while I don’t know about automotive industry I know about manufacturing and supply chain quite a bit having worked in this domain for over 15 years and factories around the globe. So either Fisker keeps touting the same September date which may not be feasible or they should start communicating when our specific cars are going into production to improve their communication and customer satisfaction as a result. Fisker does not need to compare itself to other companies and what their communication is like they just need to provide honest and up-to-date information on upcoming deliveries and unfortunately they’re failing at that.

    At this point I am so dissatisfied and not having had a car for 3 months and waiting for my Fisker to arrive I would be willing to get out of my contract and get a different product as much as I don’t want to, if I can get my refund back. How’s that for a customer sentiment Fisker!!

What are your thoughts?