Now We Know Why Henrik Fisker’s Twitter Account Was Deleted

Henrik Fisker

Henrik Fisker’s Twitter account was deleted yesterday and now we know why it happened.

In what many people thought was a poor decision, Henrik Fisker speaks out this morning about the decision to delete his Twitter account. Henrik Fisker posted a message on Instagram about an hour ago that helped clear the air. We now know why Fisker decided to delete his Twitter account. Without question, the answer is super clear.

“I believe 100% in free speech. But I do not want my free speech to be actively managed or controlled by a competitor. And I do not want a competitor to determine how my followers experience Fisker as we grow our company.”

Henrik Fisker, Co-Founder & CEO, Fisker, Inc.

Will the company’s Twitter account be deleted?

Henrik Fisker deleted his Twitter account from Europe as soon as the news dropped. Yes, the news that Twitter would accept Elon Musk’s bid to acquire the social media platform. About the same time, the Fisker company account deleted all of the tweets from the morning about the Fisker Ocean arriving in Denmark. We thought that was super odd.

It’s now crystal clear. While many people think it was a bad decision it makes perfect sense. When you’re building a business, you don’t want a competitor to determine how your customers interact with your brand. Plain and simple, but what’s gonna happen with the company’s Twitter account? We’re not entirely sure, but they posted a tweet earlier this morning.

Inside Fisker’s marketing department, there is probably a battle going on whether or not to delete the company’s Twitter account. It’s not clear whether or not Henrik deleting his personal Twitter account will impact the company’s Twitter account. Based on what Henrik said, we shouldn’t be surprised to see the company Twitter account vanish as they won’t be able to control the customer experience around their brand.

How It’s Made Matters

With a photo we’ve seen before including the words, “How It’s Made Matters” written in all caps, the world now knows the reason. It does matter how something is made. The Fisker Ocean will be the world’s most sustainable electric vehicle. That’s why we reserved the Fisker Ocean in the first place. And we are still just as excited to get it as we were yesterday morning. We should all get back to focusing on the electric vehicle Fisker is building, not that he is no longer on Twitter.

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1 thought on “Now We Know Why Henrik Fisker’s Twitter Account Was Deleted

  1. Well played, Elon Musk is starting to grab power by grabbing Twitter, never thought I’d see that side of him, very disappointed and agree with Fischer’s excellent reasoning!

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