New Fisker Mobile App Now Available

The latest version of the Fisker mobile app has been launched, featuring significant enhancements that address numerous concerns raised by customers in earlier iterations.

Today, Fisker has released a new and improved mobile app. The new version, 3.0, is available for iPhone devices. Although the app was supposed to be released on March 2nd with the new Fisker website, it’s now available for download. The new version of the app fixes several bugs that were reported in previous versions. Fisker has also introduced an entirely new design for the app.

Newly released and designed Fisker Flexee App for iPhone.

The My Fisker account profile management hub is the biggest change in the new app. Customers can now manage reservations and orders through this feature. In addition, the app includes sections called Explore, Reserve, and Track. Customers can explore Fisker EVs and features, reserve a Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR, and track their Fisker Ocean orders. The app also supports an immersive 3D configurator and price estimator. While the configurator has minor bugs when saving a build, it’s greatly improved.

The new design of the app includes a Notification section. This feature is accessible in the upper left-hand corner of the app. It will allow Fisker to communicate with customers in the future. For example, it could be used to tell customers about new Ocean software updates, when a car payment is due, or when a new pop-up location is coming to town. The main menu is available on the upper right-hand corner of the app. Customers can also log in to the app and swipe through their orders on the main screen to reserve a Fisker EV. Overall, Fisker has made many enhancements to the app to make it more intuitive for users.

Made for a Clean Future for All

The new app sets up the company for customers waiting to finance and take delivery of their Fisker Ocean. It will become the go-to app to experience your Fisker Ocean. Fisker will no longer support old versions of the app and recommends updating to the newest version to access all new features. Android users should expect an app update soon. Fisker is looking forward to customer feedback on the new and improved customer experience.

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