More Email Invites, Apple CarPlay Confirmed, & Our Fisker Ocean One Experience

Fisker Ocean One Pre-Order Confirmed

Fisker had a busy week with much of it consumed by the Fisker Ocean One, sending out invite emails, and announcing Fisker Finance.

Fisker Ocean One Pre-Order Confirmation
Fisker Ocean One Pre-Order Confirmation.

Last week, the company sent out two waves of email invites, with the latest batch on Friday. The company is working to fill 5,000 pre-orders for Fisker Ocean One.

It actually made us wonder where the company is in the reservation queue. As you know, reservation holders have seven days to respond after receiving the email invite.

The company has told us they will send out a new batch of emails every three days. Expect the next wave of email invites to go out as early as Monday.

Our Fisker Ocean One Experience

Fisker Ocean One Wheels
22″ SlipStream wheels on the Fisker Ocean One.

This week was an exciting one for us. We pre-ordered our Fisker Ocean One on Tuesday, documenting the experience step-by-step. The process was quite enjoyable. No major hick ups on our end.

However, some people ran into tech issues. Other people were frustrated about the $5,000 non-refundable deposit, which Henrik addressed during the week. They have every right to feel frustrated seeing as they haven’t been able to sit in or test drive the vehicle. That didn’t stop us.

We gave a first look preview at pre-ordering the Fisker Ocean One. On numerous occasions, we were asked why we pre-ordered the launch edition. We decided to tell you why we will be purchasing the Fisker Ocean One.

Fisker Auto Loans & Insurance

Fisker made a big announcement for those planning to purchase a Fisker Ocean at some point in the future. The company will be launching a lending business later this year. Fisker will be helping prospective customers obtain auto loans to purchase their Fisker Ocean. You will be able to use the Fisker Flexee app to apply for a loan, receive competitive rates, and sign loan docs. On top of this, the company has plans to rollout their own insurance business, offering Fisker Ocean owners coverage on their electric SUV.

Confirmed: Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Just yesterday, Henrik hinted about Apple CarPlay. It made us wonder, again, if the company is planning to support both of these services. Then, he basically confirmed the company will be supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto within the comments of his post on Instagram. We had to go back and update the article. This is good news for those that enjoy connecting their mobile device seamlessly to their vehicle. If Fisker builds a killer user interface for its 17.1″ display, the company will win over customers in droves.

Noteworthy Articles

On top of all of this, there are a handful of other noteworthy articles from this week. Aside from tracking app metrics, we have never written an article specifically about the Fisker Flexee app. Therefore, we decided to write one to keep tabs on all the upcoming changes we expect over the next 3 to 6 months. We also covered new Fisker Ocean accessories. Then, we talked about Wall Street rewarding Fisker shares handsomely. Today, we gave you three reasons why we think Henrik Fisker should return to Twitter now that Elon Musk is not buying the social network. And, that will do it for the week. Until next time, we hope you enjoyed This Week In Fisker.

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