Fisker Ocean Photos from Houston and Oslo Motor Show, Fisker Lounge Update, and 170 Electric SUVs

Fisker Ocean Oslo Motor Show

This week was full of excitement with Pop-up events from Europe to the US, an update on Fisker Lounges, and a lot of Fisker Oceans built.

On Monday, we will be 17 days away from the official start of production at Magna Steyr. Early in the week Henrik shared that multiple Fisker Oceans came off the line at Magna Steyr. He shared a lot of photos of these newly minted electric SUVs. In the social media posts with the photos, was some new info about Fisker Lounges in the comments. He mentioned Fisker Lounges will be delayed until March 2023 due to materials. We wrote about the delay and it didn’t go over so well with some people.

Fisker Ocean in Houston, TX.
Fisker Ocean in Houston, TX.

We can’t only write about the positives. Many people tried to spin this lounge delay as a positive around saving money. However, the capital is only being deferred if anything a few months. We also like hearing other people’s perspectives even if we don’t always agree with them. We talked with Ross Gerber in episode #7 of All Things Fisker. It was a challenging one for us, because he has the story completely wrong about Fisker. He’s stuck on the Fisker Karma. It shows there is a lot of work to be done at Fisker to change the perception of skeptics. Delivering cars to customers at scale is likely the first step.

Then, we then got some positive news. Henrik shared 170 Fisker Oceans have been assembled at Magna. At the end of September, the company said they had built 95 Fisker Oceans. That means Fisker and Magna made 75 Fisker Oceans in less than 1 month. Henrik shared a while back they were going to try to build 23 vehicles in 1 week. Well, it appears the company succeeded! Then Henrik showed us a photo telling us the Fisker Ocean was headed to the Oslo Motor Show.

Photos from Oslo Motor Show

The Fisker Ocean made its appearance over the past few days at the Oslo Motor Show. It was a very well attended event like we said earlier in the week. For instance, the photos show the event was well attended. The Fisker Ocean saw a fair amount of interest. The vehicle looks just as nice in Oslo as it did in Paris. The electric SUV is painted in Horizon Gray, with MaliBlu interior, and 22″ SlipStream wheels.

Houston, The Ocean Has Landed!

We’ve been wanting to use that line for a while! The Fisker Ocean made its Texas debut yesterday afternoon at the POST Houston. People came from near and far to check out the electric SUV. We’re doing the same exact thing next week with the Fisker Ocean in Austin, TX.

We’re on a cross country road trip of our own. It’s the first time we’re taking an electric vehicle the distance. We plan to share some updates along the way as we head east to Walt Disney World from San Diego. Updates to the Fiskerati site will be sporadic during our travels.

Thanks to Pål Evensen and Kevin McKinnon for the photos out of Oslo, Norway and Houston, TX.

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