Hey Elon, Fisker Isn’t Building a Factory

Elon Musk drops by the Full Send Podcast, the hosts trash Fisker, Elon laughs, and shows he isn’t familiar with who is building Fisker Ocean.

Today, a video of Elon Musk began trending in the #2 top spot on YouTube. In the Full Send Podcast video interview, Elon talks about Aliens, Challenges Putin to UFC, and Predicts WW3. Yes, you read that right. Now, we don’t usually ever comment too much about Elon Musk. However, the hosts take a shot at Fisker and Elon responds.

Magna Assembly Line with Fisker Ocean SUVs
Fisker Ocean Prototypes being built at Magna in Graz, Austria.

Elon was asked about why Tesla is so dominant while the hosts of the show more or less trash Fisker. Elon responds laughing out loud when one of the hosts asks, “Is Fisker even a thing?” He goes on to speak about Tesla’s dominance by saying, “Well, the hard problem is not making a prototype. The hard problem is making the factory. So the factory is like 100 times, maybe a 1,000 times, harder than the prototype.”

While a popular podcast, everyone on it including Elon Musk display their ignorance when it comes to Fisker and other topics. They clearly don’t understand Fisker’s business and the company’s asset-light strategy. Fisker has partnered with Magna, the same company that builds the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes G-Class, to build the Fisker Ocean. So, if the hardest part is building the factory, Fisker is ahead of the game.

Fisker is not building a factory. They’ve partnered with Magna who already has an operational factory in Graz, Austria. On the Fisker Q2 2022 earnings call earlier this week, Fisker said that Magna has already built 55 Fisker Ocean prototypes on the production line. Not to mention, start of production is on track for November 17th. It looks like a lot of EV competitors are going to be surprised later this year and we’ll see who has the last laugh.

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11 thoughts on “Hey Elon, Fisker Isn’t Building a Factory

    1. Too much focus on Musk’s arrogance, IMO. I don’t see why it should bother people that much. He’s the richest man in the world I believe, and he’s greatly moved forward the advent of EV’s, which is really good for the planet. I won’t nitpick his small flaws.

  1. Yeah they have a past since Henrik deleted his twitter account over the possibility of Elon buying it. It’s alright, can’t be on everyone’s best list. The ocean will be better looking than the Y anyway 😉

  2. I don’t have a whole lot of money, so if I’m going to spend it, I would rather spend it on Fisker. He and his company seem genuine, truly dedicated to the environment, care for the customers, and believe in producing a quality product. Elon will be Elon, but my money and trust are with Fisker.

    1. +1 Even though I currently own a Tesla Model 3, that will be sold to fund the Fisker Ocean. It just pains me to see Elon Must be so arrogant and people surrounding him continually encouraging the behavior.

  3. A little beef is good. I do have to give credit to Elon for making the EV what it is today. The arrogance gets in the way of a great company. I think the ambition of mass producing vehicles hurts the quality of the vehicles and I feel that he doesn’t care much for his hard working employees that got him to be the richest man. That is the most shameful part!

  4. I watched the podcast and Elon never said Fisker is building a factory. Nor did he state that Fisker is not building a factory. He just stated a simple fact: Essentially, prototypes are easy, production is hard. Then he goes on to quantify how much harder by stating its maybe 3 orders of magnitude more difficult to build a factory than a one-off prototype.

    This applies to all manufacturers who make automobiles at scale in a profitable and sustainable manner. It also applies regardless of whether you own the factory yourself or otherwise pay a partner to build the car for you. It’s a general statement rightfully and accurately targeted at ALL legitimate manufacturers. If Elon was implying anything about Fisker, then it was that Fisker will not be a legitimate car company until they produce their vehicles profitably and at scale. The company that made the original Karma, for example, could not produce that vehicle profitably or at scale, so they went bankrupt. Elon was pointing out that the Fisker Ocean was subject to this same universal law.

    So, I respectfully disagree with this websites claim that Elon doesn’t know whether Fisker does or does not own their own factory. A statement reiterating a universal law does not identify who violates the law or who follows it – only that everyone is subject to the law. I do agree that his statements in the video indicate that he doesn’t care whether they own a factory or not, but even this does not preclude the possibility that he actually does know.

    So, I formally challenge this website to actually prove that Elon actually thinks Fisker owns their own factory. Until then, this contention remains false.

    1. Spot on! Was going to say the same thing. Come on guys, you can’t seriously believe that just because they are paying someone else to do the vehicle in an existing factory it’s smooth sailing?
      The partner will need to earn their share too and you will be at the mercy of their priorities…

      1. I agree too. Elon can’t be expected to know everything about every EV manufacturer and AFAIK, he hasn’t claimed to know anything about Fisker except that it hasn’t reached volume production yet and that’s 1000x harder than prototypes.

        Guess Fiskerati has to find something to talk about so they have news about their favorite EV manufacturer..

  5. The difficulty isn’t having a factory, but rather configuring and ramping it up to produce a particular vehicle.

What are your thoughts?