Henrik Fisker in England, Goodwood Festival of Speed, & Fisker Ocean One

Henrik Fisker at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Fisker teases us with an email showing off Fisker Ocean One and another glimpse of Henrik and the Fisker Ocean at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Henrik Fisker In England at Goodwood Festival of Speed
Henrik pointing to the QR code on the Fisker Ocean at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Today, Henrik Fisker posted a photo of himself standing beside the Fisker Ocean. He attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which is 2 hours south of London. We published some candid photos from the event that were shared with us. The iconic festival was the big news for most of the week in the world of Fisker.

Then, the week ended with a bang! Yesterday morning Fisker sent out an email of the Fisker Ocean One. The email the company sent out went to their entire mailing list. We didn’t receive ours until 7pm last night.

The company teased us with some new photos. This is building up to pre-orders starting on Friday of next week. The company will begin contacting reservation holders next week for a chance to pre-order the limited edition Fisker Ocean One.

This will be the big event for the company next week taking up much of the oxygen in the room. It will be interesting to see if anything leaks ahead of Friday. We are totally excited and can’t wait for pre-ordering to be here already! Aside from the launch of the Fisker Ocean One marketing campaign, Henrik said three Fisker Ocean SUVs were shipped to the USA this week for ADAS (Fi-Pilot) testing.

Favorites from the week

We wrote up a few articles and will share our favorites. We’ll start it off with the Volkswagen ID.4 vs. Fisker Ocean match up. In a new series we’re doing, Head-to-Head with the Fisker Ocean, we’ll compare the electric SUV to some of its closest competitors.

Next, we did a write up on charging your Fisker Ocean. We took a look at all of your charging options, including home charging and using third-party charging stations. We give you a couple of tips with regards to getting the lowest possible electricity rates.

Also, we published recent survey and poll results. We wanted to find out if Fisker’s share price ($FSR) impacted the purchasing decisions of Fisker Ocean reservation holders. We found out what people are comfortable with as far as a monthly payment goes. The poll showed whether or not Fisker Ocean owners will purchase OTA subscriptions.

If you didn’t see the 360 degree view of the Fisker Ocean, take a look. We published a compilation video that gives you a nice look at it. That was from the Beverly Hills event last weekend. That was all we have for you during This Week In Fisker. Oh, and below are some more photos from Goodwood FOS, because everyone loves photos. Enjoy! ?

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