Getting Ready for Fisker Experience Centers, Production Ramp-Up, and Deliveries

Fisker customers in Europe and the US are looking forward to the opening of experience centers, production ramping up, and deliveries on the horizon.

Today, we are excited to share This Week In Fisker with updates for Fisker customers in Europe and the United States. This week, we received numerous important updates. Now, we are looking forward to upcoming milestones and events such as Fisker experience center openings, ramping Fisker Ocean production, regulatory approvals, financing, and deliveries. During Episode 22 of All-Things Fisker, we discussed some of this already. However, here are the specifics of what we’re keeping an eye on as we eagerly anticipate becoming proud owners of the Fisker Ocean!

Fisker Experience Centers

Fisker Experience Center (Vienna, Austria)
Fisker Experience Center (Vienna, Austria).

This week, on Tuesday April 11th, we will witness the grand opening of not one, but two Fisker Experience Centers in Europe. Fisker will be launching Center+ locations in both Copenhagen and Vienna, marking the first time customers will be able to visit a physical Fisker-owned showroom to see the company’s flagship electric SUV. Previously, customers had to visit pop-up locations to see the Fisker Ocean in person. European customers can plan a trip to these destinations, with more Experience Centers planned across Europe. Although there is no physical storefront in the UK yet, Fisker announced yesterday that it will attend Fully Charged Live UK South on April 28th – 30th this month.

Fisker Lounge Flagship Stores

Let’s not forget about the Fisker Lounges. Fisker plans to open its first Fisker Lounge in the United States in Q2 2023 at The Grove in Los Angeles, California. This will provide customers in the US with an opportunity to experience Fisker’s flagship store. There are also plans for a Fisker Lounge in Munich, Germany in the coming months. This store will be located about 200 meters away from the historic Marienplatz. Fisker has yet to confirm opening dates for other experience centers in the United States. This is something we are watching closely as physical stores will offer the best customer experience compared to pop-up locations (which are still an excellent way to showcase the Fisker Ocean!).

Fisker Ocean Production

Fisker Ocean Production at Magna Steyr
Fisker Ocean production at Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria).

On April 20th, Fisker and Magna will begin ramping up Fisker Ocean production for European customers. Fisker and Magna refer to this as the start of serial manufacturing. This means that Magna will begin mass-producing the Fisker Ocean for mass market supply. Then, during the first week of May or thereabouts, Fisker and Magna will commence production ramp-up for the US market. This will be an exciting moment, much like the Start of Production, for those that have been following along since the beginning. For now, we await the arrival of our exclusive gift, a Fisker Ocean One keychain!

Fisker Regulatory Approvals

Obtaining regulatory approvals is a crucial step for Fisker, and the company has been providing updates on homologation for the Fisker Ocean. Homologation refers to the government-issued certificate that allows Fisker to enter a market. Fisker is pursuing dual-homologation, which means obtaining certificates in both Europe and the United States simultaneously. The company expects to receive full European regulatory type approval in late April, with deliveries in Europe to follow. As for regulatory approvals in the United States, Fisker is working towards obtaining EPA and CARB certifications for the Fisker Ocean. The timing is currently unknown. However, we estimate it could be around May or June.

Customer Financing and Deliveries

Fisker Ocean electric SUVs being unloaded from Poseidon Leader.

European customers will be the first to purchase the Fisker Ocean, and we may start hearing about European customers financing their Fisker Ocean with Fisker Finance ahead of US customers. Fisker will be selling and delivering the first trim, Fisker Ocean One. Launch markets in Europe include Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, with the UK being the only market requiring a right-hand drive Fisker Ocean. The Ocean One Project has reported that some customers in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany have already received a Q1 2023 delivery quarter. This suggests that the first Fisker Oceans are likely to be sold and delivered in these launch markets. The timing will depend on regulatory approval, but it’s possible that the first Fisker Ocean could be delivered in May.

As for financing and deliveries in the United States, the timeline is still uncertain. We’re conducting a poll among members of the community. We ask, “When will the first Fisker Ocean delivery happen in the United States?” Currently, the week of June 18 – June 24 is winning by a very narrow margin as the expected timeframe. However, these are just best guesses by the community. Factors such as shipping times, logistics, and waiting for EPA and government certifications will affect the actual timeline. Fisker will likely share an update on this when they know more. One thing we hope to see again, is the loading and unloading of Fisker Oceans, similar to the recent event with the Poseidon Leader last month.

Wrapping up the week

In conclusion, Fisker customers in both Europe and the United States have some exciting events to look forward to in the coming months. With the opening of Fisker Experience Centers in Copenhagen and Vienna, European customers can now visit physical Fisker-owned locations to see the Fisker Ocean in person, and plans for more showrooms across Europe are in the pipeline. Production of the Fisker Ocean for European customers is set to ramp up in April, followed by production for the US market in May. Fisker is also working on obtaining regulatory approvals for both markets simultaneously, with European approval expected in late April. European deliveries are anticipated to commence in May, while US deliveries and financing timelines are still uncertain. Overall, Fisker customers eagerly anticipate the upcoming milestones and events in the journey towards owning their Fisker Ocean. Until next week in Fisker, Happy Easter! 🐰

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