Get to Know the Fisker Flexee App

The Fisker Flexee app will become one of the most used apps on your mobile device to interact with Fisker and control your electric vehicle.

Reserving Fisker Ocean on Fisker Flexee App.

You have the Fisker Flexee app on your mobile device, but you currently don’t use it very much. Most recently, you opened it to review the invitation to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One.

Whether you used the app to reserve your Fisker Ocean, pre-order Fisker Ocean One, or remain in the reservation queue, the app is about to change.

We’ve previously said it will enhance the overall Fisker ownership experience. Soon the Fisker Flexee app will transform into a Swiss Army Knife to interact with Fisker and control your electric vehicle.

Over the coming months, the Fisker Flexee app is going to change right in front of your eyes. These changes are coming and we want you to be prepared. Today, we are going to take a look at what could be in store. If you don’t already have it, the Fisker Flexee app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

We will continue to update this post as new features are released within the Fisker Flexee app or announced by the company.

3D Configurator

Fisker Flexee App on Apple App Store.

In October, Fisker will be releasing a new 3D configurator within the Fisker Flexee app. It will allow you to see more realistic high-resolution renderings of your Fisker Ocean configuration.

Currently, you may find it difficult to see paint colors options on your mobile device. That will be a thing of the past. Yesterday, Henrik referred to it as the “Super Configurator.” He said that if you’ve already pre-ordered Fisker Ocean One, you’ll be able to use the new 3D configurator in October to review or change your selection. You’ll be able to play with the new configurator right in the palm of your hand.

Financing your Fisker Ocean

Fisker Finance will let you obtain personal loans to purchase Fisker Ocean and EV accessories.

If you plan to purchase a Fisker Ocean, you will either need to pay cash or obtain an auto loan. For many, obtaining an auto loan is the likely scenario. Some people will go to their credit union while the majority of us will use Fisker Finance.

Inside the Fisker Flexee app, you’ll be able to quickly submit a credit application to finance your Fisker Ocean. You will use the app to put money down for your purchase. Fisker will make it easy for you to select the loan term, receive competitive rates, review financing details, and electronically sign loan documents directly from the Fisker Flexee app. The company will also extend the financing service for options to purchase vehicle accessories. For example, you’ll be able to purchase an EV charger through the Fisker Flexee app and use Fisker Finance to pay in monthly installments.

Leasing with Fisker Flexee app

When Fisker launches the Fisker Flexee Lease in select cities it will be offered directly within the Fisker Flexee app. You will apply for the program using the Fisker Flexee app. Like applying for an auto loan, you’ll complete a credit application and put money down to drive off using Fisker’s app.


The company will also have an insurance offering within the Fisker Flexee app. You will be able to select the coverages you want. Fisker will generate you an insurance quote and give you an option to accept it. Fisker will let you manage your policy directly within the app. For example, the Flexee app will allow you to change coverages, add or remove drivers, and download proof of insurance.


Once your auto loan, lease or insurance coverage is approved, and you take possession of your Fisker Ocean, you’ll continue to use the Fisker Flexee app each month to manage these financial products. You’ll login to the mobile app to access your monthly billing statement. You’ll have a chance to setup recurring automatic monthly payments direct from your bank account. Fisker may also provide you reminders through the app when your payment is due each month.

Customer Support

Following the delivery of your Fisker Ocean, you will be able to use the Fisker Flexee app to obtain personalized customer support. You will be able to connect with Rådgivers (advisors) directly from within the app. They will help you with your Fisker Finance account and provide any technical support that may be needed. Think of them as your digital concierge.


During the purchase process, you’ll have an option to trade-in your used vehicle. The Fisker Flexee app will allow you to input the VIN of your trade-in vehicle. You will need to share details such as mileage and the interior and exterior condition of your vehicle. Fisker will provide you competitive trade-in offers.

App as Key

This is going to be the number one use case for having the Fisker Flexee app on your mobile phone. You’re going to use the Fisker Flexee app to gain entry into your Fisker Ocean. That is if your Fisker Ocean doesn’t come with a key fob or you you choose not to purchase one. The Fisker Ocean One and Extreme will come with a key fob, but all trims will support App as Key.

Service and maintenance

The Fisker Flexee app will allow you to take advantage of the Fisker Ocean’s extensive new vehicle warranty. It will also allow you to schedule service and maintenance appointments for your Fisker Ocean. It will become your virtual service center. You schedule service and the company comes to you for assistance. You will also be able to request roadside assistance direct from within the app in case you get a flat tire or run out of battery power.

Subscriptions & Upgrades

Fisker will offer various subscriptions for purchase using the Fisker Flexee app. For example, the company has hinted at an entertainment package. Any monthly subscription products will be available in the Fisker Flexee app. Additionally, over-the-air feature upgrades will be available for purchase on select Fisker Ocean trims. You will also use the Fisker Flexee app to schedule regular software updates for your electric vehicle.

Miscellaneous Features

The Fisker Flexee app will also let you access features such as Remote Locate Vehicle, Vehicle Monitoring, and Remote Climate Control. Additionally, the app will allow you to setup driver profiles and presets.

In Conclusion

The Fisker Flexee app is about to undergo some pretty big changes. The mobile was recently updated this past weekend, but those included bug fixes and performance improvements. We are just as excited as you to see what is to come. The user interface is going to need a bit of an overhaul to support all of this new functionality. The company will likely roll the changes incrementally. One thing is for certain, we can’t wait to see what’s next. Let us know in the comments what feature in the Fisker Flexee mobile app you’re looking forward to most.

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  1. I’d like the app to have a way to stream the cars cameras so I can check on the car parked on the street in the city

  2. Is Fisker looking to have voice mode like Alexa integrated into the platform that recognises your voice pattern allowing you to verbally interact with the Fisker Platform and feature set?

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